Reverse Aging and Reduce Biological Age

Kara Fitzgerald, This Podcast Burns Fat

A Younger You as Early as 8 Weeks!

Controlling Gene Expression with Epigenetics


Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Notable Quotes

“There’s no time like the present, on your journey, regardless of your age, to be thinking about changing to DNA methylation and gene optimizing gene expression because we will hand down some of that information to our offspring, and that could be good info or not.”

                                                – Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

“So rather than focusing on all of these individual diseases…we can come together under one science group and look at biological aging. And if we can slow down this process—and a big chunk of it is this DNA methylation—we can, by extension, reduce risk of these chronic diseases of aging.”
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

“Once upon a time, it was all nature…we thought our genes dictated our fate. The promise of the current thinking is that we are driving the car way more than we thought, that we are regulating what genes are on.”
                                                – Dr. Kara Fitzgerald


Episode Summary

One factor associated with chronic diseases is aging, and in recent years, there have been more and more studies taking a closer look at how to reverse the process of aging and how to reduce our biological age. And reducing our biological age means potentially getting rid of the many chronic illnesses plaguing our time.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author, physician, and DNA methylation expert Dr. Kara Fitzgerald to walk us through how we can reduce our biological ages as fast as eight weeks.


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Younger You Program



In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald (01:03)
  • Kara Fitzgerald and what she does (04:45)
    • What is epigenetics (05:38)
  • How DNA methylation can protect us from “genetic” diseases (08:45)
  • Aging is the biggest risk factor for chronic diseases (12:14)
  • Chronological age vs. biological age (13:40)
  • Everyone’s aging faster and faster and faster (16:07)
  • Changing gene expression with epigenetics (17:17)
  • Kara Fitzgerald’s study design (18:10)
  • The economics of aging (25:47)
  • Weight loss effects along the way (27:21)
  • Does Dr. Kara Fitzgerald follow her age reversal regimen? (29:41)
  • Foods to avoid during the 8-week intensive age reversal eating pattern (30:50)
  • Other age reversal methods (32:25)
  • Projecting the results of the age reversal eating pattern (34:43)
  • Nutrient density of plants (37:45)
  • Kara Fitzgerlad’s thoughts on eating liver (40:03)
  • Supplementations to reverse aging (42:10)
  • Another study and a digital platform (43:30)
  • Free biological age questionnaire (45:17)
  • Biological markers to tell biological age (46:28)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is doing (48:55)


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