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Omar Cumberbatch, Health Coach Academy

Establish Authority & Attract Your Ideal Clients

What to Do (And What to Avoid) in Podcasting


Notable Quotes

“Equipment is the least of your issues, especially when you’re starting out, it’s a minimal amount of investment. You need to really hone in on who your audience is and what you’re going to be delivering to them on a regular basis.”
Omar Cumberbatch


Episode Summary

One of the biggest challenges new health coaches face straight out of health coaching school is getting their names out there to hopefully get their first clients. And while there are a lot of ways like good old-fashioned email marketing, or taking to social media, or going down the paid ad route, another way to get your name out there while establishing yourself as an authority is through podcasting.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, guest host Kim Hynes welcomes Omar Cumberbatch himself to talk about how a podcast can boost a health coaching business. Omar also shares what we can look forward to in his new podcast creation course!


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Guest host Kim Hynes welcomes Omar Cumberbatch to the show (03:24)
  • What drove Omar to start podcasting? (04:05)
  • The biggest mistake Omar made when he began podcasting (06:04)
  • What people think is important vs. what is truly important (09:48)
  • Best practices and comfort (12:55)
  • Why Omar decided to create a podcasting course for health coaches (14:46)
  • Why do some people fall off from podcasting? (18:39)
    • The ability to secure guests (18:51)
    • The anxiety of dealing with new technology (20:08)
    • Obsession with stats (20:36)
  • The resistance to podcasting for monetization (22:36)
  • Approaching questions on monetization and sponsorships (25:27)
    • The wonders of affiliate marketing (26:10)
    • Establishing authority within the space (28:18)
  • What separates Omar’s podcasting course from other podcasting courses (30:22)
  • Some unexpected benefits of podcasting (33:15)
  • What to look forward to in Omar’s podcasting course (36:19)


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