How Health Coaches Can Use TikTok to Boost Sales!

Get More Coaching Clients with TikTok


Frank Daniels Notable Quotes

“If you have an opportunity, currently, to jump on a platform and get your brand and message in front [of people]… I don’t know why you wouldn’t take advantage of that.”  – Frank Daniels

“Most health and fitness people…you’re probably more about helping other people sometimes than you even are about helping yourself. And what I’ve learned in my experience, if you don’t help yourself first…you’re going to burn out at some point.” Frank Daniels

“Branding is being very clear in who you are and who you’re not and showing up everyday and illustrating that online.” Frank Daniels

Episode Summary

             In today’s age, there’s a multitude of social media platforms where you could get your voice, your brand, and your message out. Right now, the hottest new social media platform is TikTok—and no, kids aren’t the only ones on there. In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we have Frank Daniels and he’s going to give us a bit of a walkthrough of how he was able to use TikTok to get him more sales.

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Frank Daniels (01:15)
  • Omar releases an e-cookbook: The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living (04:05)
  • Frank Daniels and his journey to fitness coaching (05:23)
    • The Digital Boss Life (06:20)
    • Going into group coaching (09:00)
    • The Fitbody Bootcamp and Craig Valentine (12:20)
    • Taking a shot at an online business (16:30)
  • Entrepreneurship is the ultimate sport (19:22)
    • The need to be passionate about the person you work with (21:55)
    • Find a business and the people you get excited about everyday (22:58)
  • If you’re going to raise your prices, people better get results (24:11)
    • Getting results is a two-way street (26:02)
  • Recognizing the value of a brand and branding (26:33)
    • Your story, beliefs, personality, and your values are what makes up your brand (31:05)
  • Frank Daniels, TikTok, and his success with it (33:28)
    • Riding the trends of successful creators in your niche (37:52)
    • Becoming an instant superstar in social media platforms (41:43)
  • What Frank suggests health coaches do on TikTok (44:12)
    • Hop on a popular hashtag and check out what other people are doing (45:15)
    • Decide what you want to do for your brand (49:18)
    • You can do your own thing on TikTok and still get traction (50:27)
    • TikTok does, in fact, lead to sales (52:36)
    • Make sure to put out your homerun offer (53:35)
  • Where to keep up with what Frank’s doing (54:06)


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