How to Align and Evolve into Your Health Coaching Practice!

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Melissa Carves Out Her Own Health and Healing Journey

Health Coach Melissa Akopiantz of Nourishing Labs Shares How She Aligned with Other Businesses to Boost Her Own Practice


Notable Quotes

“Oftentimes, clients are coming to me, they’re exhausted from their search for answers. They’re armed with all this data, and they don’t, really, how to translate it into healing, so I like to bridge this gap for them.”
Melissa Akopiantz

“I just think that the health coaching industry is really the way of the future of health and wellness.”
                                                – Melissa Akopiantz

Episode Summary

Success doesn’t happen overnight—and that’s true for everyone including health coaches. When you’re just getting your business kicked off the ground, things might get hard and overwhelming that you may even start considering giving up. Don’t. Well, not yet, at least. Becoming successful is always a journey filled with bumps in the road.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to mom and health coach, Melissa Akopiantz, who started her health coaching journey with healing her children’s trauma. She has worked with acupuncturists, osteopaths, and doctors to better understand each individual’s body’s needs to tailor the right health and nutritional program for her clients.


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Melissa Akopiantz – Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Email


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Melissa Akopiantz (01:04)
  • Health Academy Podcast made it into the top 20 podcasts for coaches in 2020 as listed by Cashflow Podcasting! (01:44)
  • Melissa Akopiantz, her story, and her journey into health coaching (03:00)
    • The interest in health started young (04:00)
    • Realizing that all the body wants to do is heal (07:40)
    • The concussion crisis (08:53)
    • Studies suggesting high-quality fats are excellent for traumatic healing (10:12)
  • Standing by health coaching and finishing a Master’s degree (13:25)
  • Melissa Akopiantz’s experiences dictating who she wants to work with (15:30)
    • The Golden Goddess Plate (17:10)
  • The frustration of separately looking at body systems instead of tackling Melissa’s problem as a whole (19:20)
    • Empowering individuals to connect with their bodies and find what works for them (20:52)
  • Obstacles in the business side of Melissa’s health coaching (21:17)
    • Your first line of defense: becoming a limited liability entity (23:48)
    • No-cost advertising by social media and word of mouth (24:37)
    • Running promotions on Facebook and Instagram (25:13)
  • Starting work with a marketing team (26:42)
  • What else Melissa Akopiantz does to enhance the health coaching business (28:30)
  • How to get started with aligning with companies (29:29)
    • The compensation side of the equation when aligning with companies (32:30)
  • Additional content from the affiliate companies (33:42)
  • Alignment opportunities for health coaches (35:23)
  • Other collaborative business ventures apart from being affiliated with doctors (36:32)
  • What should a health coach focus on first when they’re starting a business? (39:16)
  • What Melissa would tell health coaches who are on the fence about continuing their businesses (43:57)
  • You don’t need to do health coaching full time for it to be a success (46:28)
  • Where to find Melissa Akopiantz and get in touch with what she’s up to (48:52)


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