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Angelica Ventrice Notable Quotes

“I don’t even like to call my program a weight loss program. It’s called Fit for Life and it means not just physically fit, but mentally and emotionally fit as well.”
                                                – Angelica Ventrice

“I do believe that our thoughts have power. I believe in the law of attraction and manifestation and the words you speak actually become a reality. So if we can say, ‘I desire to be a millionaire,’ and we can speak those things into reality, it’s the same thing with your body.”
Angelica Ventrice

“Some people look and they’re like, ‘well, you looked great before’ and I’m like, ‘I appreciate you saying that, but it’s [about] how I felt.’ If you don’t feel good in your own skin, it doesn’t matter what the number on the scale is.”
                                                – Angelica Ventrice

Episode Summary

Losing weight is one thing.  Keeping it off is a totally different ballgame.  Sustainable weight loss is something that comes with creating lasting habits that promote healthy living that are easy to incorporate. So how can we create a template that we can fall back to that consistently keeps us in the shape that we want to be?

To get to the bottom of this, we invited Angelica Ventrice to the show.  Angelica is the founder of Fit for Life, and is a Health Coach who helps high-performance women lose weight and keep it off without resorting to restrictive diets and endless hours of cardio.

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           Fit for LifeProgram

In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Angelica Ventrice (01:28)
  • Angelica Ventrice, her journey and how she got into fitness, and Fit for Life (02:56)
    • Getting certified in nutrition and moving to California (03:38)
    • Branching off, finding out what she wants to do, and Fit for Life (04:17)
  • Calories in, calories out (CICO) as part of the problem (06:41)
  • Poor gut health and its relation to diet history and stress (09:08)
  • What was it that helped Angelica the most during her fitness journey? (10:34)
  • The top reasons why women can’t lose weight (12:02)
  • What is the Fit for Life program? (13:09)
  • Gut health and how changing thought patterns can help in your weight loss process (14:16)
    • Believing that our thoughts have power, and the law of attraction (16:01)
    • Affirmations and why we should go deeper than that (17:25)
  • What’s Angelica’s first step for clients who specifically want weight loss? (20:03)
    • Shifting client’s identity (21:12)
    • Looking at the client’s nutrition (21:26)
  • How do chronic undereating and stress affect our gut? (22:35)
    • Foods we should focus on to heal our gut (24:54)
    • The importance of mitigating your stress (26:11)
  • What are Angelica’s main steps to revitalize a client’s metabolism? (27:22)
  • The kind of testing they do, including blood and stool tests (29:13)
  • Focusing on underrated nutrients before trying supplements (30:42)
  • How long does it usually take before clients can see progress in their fitness journey? (31:53)
  • How to keep in touch with Angelica (33:00)


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