How to Become Fat Adapted with Dr. James Bentz!

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Omptimize Your Health with Dr. James Bentz and the Neurologic Integration System!

Become Fat Adapted, Burn Fat, and Lose Weight!


Dr. James Bentz Notable Quotes

“We’re really addicted to comfort, I think it’s hurting us in a lot of ways.”
Dr. James Bentz

“We tell people, look, cook for yourself, learn how to cook. Don’t make everything out of a box or a can or frozen dinners—it’s all engineered food.
                                                – Dr. James Bentz


Episode Summary

Many of us have been taught to believe that the bulk of our calories from carbohydrates. And the result? Our bodies become adapted to burning sugar, which isn’t necessarily ideal if you’re trying to lose weight. To effectively burn fat, our bodies need to be adapted to using fat as fuel.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to chiropractor Dr. James Bentz who practices in functional neurology and applies the principles of neurologic integration systems to put our bodies in balance, optimize our health, and ultimately lose weight.


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Dr. James Bentz – Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Neurological Integration System


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. James Bentz (01:24)
  • James Bentz and his journey into health care (03:13)
  • James Bentz’s approach to health and wellness (05:53)
    • Neurological integration system (06:10)
  • Getting the body into a homeostatic state (07:56)
  • When the body’s out of balance, down goes both the physical and mental well-being (09:46)
    • C-reactive protein’s viability as a test to look at inflammation (11:23)
  • How to go about weight loss (12:28)
    • The first thing is to stop snacking (13:40)
  • How to go about stopping snacking (15:43)
  • Getting off the sugar-burning mode and becoming fat-adapted (17:12)
  • James Bentz on using ketones as fuel (18:18)
  • “If the brain likes ketones, it won’t favor glucose.” (20:09)
  • How Dr. James Bentz treats people with type II diabetes (21:28)
  • Some people react differently to different types of food (24:38)
  • Appetite suppression during fasting (27:41)
  • James Bentz’s take on eating fruit (29:05)
  • How the neurological integration system differs from other modalities and how it can help manage weight better (31:31)
  • Neurological pathways disconnected in the world of weight (34:58)
    • Achieving better gut health (35:47)
  • James Bentz’s take on the no-fiber carnivore diets (38:06)
  • James Bentz’s take on the ketogenic diet (40:12)
  • Navigating through seasonal ketosis (40:31)
    • Staying in ketosis long term is not good for the health (41:28)
  • The health benefits of fasting (42:10)
  • Tips to stay healthy in the long run (43:43)
  • Where to keep in touch with Dr. James Bentz (50:20)


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