Our body needs fuel to perform. The foods that we eat decide whether we burn that fuel in the form of carbs or sugar or whether we use our stored body fat reserves for that energy.

To discuss how to get into this metabolic state efficiently, we invited Dr. James Bentz to the show. Dr. Bentz is called “The Brain Doctor” and has utilized the same blueprint to optimize brain health as he does to tackle obesity.

Dr. Bentz is the #1 Practitioner and Trainer for Neurological Integration System (NIS) in the United States, which teaches healthcare practitioners principles of Functional Neurology. He has been in clinical Chiropractic practice since 1985, and has been using NIS as his primary modality since 1997. NIS is a system that incorporates ancient eastern medicine practices with current neuroscience and promotes self-healing through for detection and correction of signaling disruption in the nervous system.

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