How to Become the Architect of Your Body!

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Trumping Genetics: Julian Hayes Shares How to Leverage Epigenetics to Optimize Health

Optimize Health by Becoming Your Body’s Own Architect


Julian Hayes Notable Quotes

“To me, a superhuman is someone who is emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically superior to what I call the average human being—and it starts with your state of mind.”
Julian Hayes

“I think a lot of times with people, they know they need to exercise, they know they want to eat healthier, they want to do this, but they’re in this paradx where a lot of their time and attention is being taken away from these things.
                                                – Julian Hayes

“Your genetics give you a clue to your past, while epigenetics could mold your future.
– Unknown


Episode Summary

Most of the time, when people are told that a condition is genetic, they slump in defeat and concede to the fact…which shouldn’t be the case. The reason being this: we can take certain steps to prevent those genetic traits from manifesting, thanks to epigenetics.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to Body Architect author Julian Hayes to talk about how to activate the good genes and keep the bad genes at bay, and ultimately become the master architects of our own bodies.


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Body Architect: A Real-World Guide to Ignite Your Fitness, Look Awesome Naked, Quiet the Inner Voices of Self-Doubt, & Design a Lifestyle on Your Own Terms by Julian Hayes II
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Julian Hayes (00:30)
  • Julian Hayes, his journey, and genetics (02:10)
    • Food isn’t just food, it’s a culture and way of life (04:38)
  • What is epigenetics? (05:25)
  • How much control we have over gene expression (07:35)
  • Leveraging gene expression for lasting weight loss (09:02)
  • Becoming superhuman and how to become one (14:22)
    • The power comes from mindset (16:08)
  • What types of testing should we be aware of that can maximize our weight loss? (16:32)
    • Don’t focus on weight, focus on body fat percentage (18:10)
  • Tips to start losing weight (18:55)
    • Everything starts with sleep (19:10)
    • Book your days (20:08)
    • Have a nutritional playbook (20:33)
  • The sleep you need (22:22)
    • Some easy sleep tips (24:38)
  • Potential roadblocks on the road to health (28:05)
    • Changing the definition of success (30:58)
  • What Julian’s daily routine looks like (33:08)
  • “What I do is what I believe.” (39:42)
    • The success paradox (43:20)
  • How to tell someone not to get caught up with the “ideals” we see (43:58)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Julian (48:50)


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