How to Discover Your Thinner Self with David Medansky!

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Lose Weight Without the Exercise: Switch to Healthy Eating Habits!

It’s Not Giving Up Everything: It’s About Reducing


David Medansky Notable Quotes

“Once I’ve lost the weight, I’m not a purist by any stretch. So, I’ll have a piece of chocolate cake, but what I used to eat in one sitting will now last me five days. If I wanted a piece of pecan pie, I’ll have a sliver as a taste instead of a whole slice. So, I’m not saying you have to give up everything. I’m just saying, reduce it.”
David Medansky


Episode Summary

When we first think of going on a journey to weight loss, a lot of times, we find excuses—I’ll do it tomorrow, or I have no time for it, or that people gain back the weight they lose, anyway, so why bother? We need to arrive at a point where we stop making excuses and start taking our health into our own hands.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to lawyer, author, and health coach David Medansky to share his weight loss journey as well as some practical advice we can start doing to start our own weight loss journeys.


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David Medansky – Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Discover Your Thinner Self: A Common-Sense Approach for a Slimmer, Healthier You by David Medansky
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If Not Now, When? Reduce Weight – Create a Healthy Lifestyle in 90 Days by David Medansky
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, David Medansky (02:40)
  • David Medansky and his journey into the health and weight loss space (03:48)
    • David Medansky’s previous lifestyle (04:30)
  • How David Medansky lost a lot of weight so quickly (07:23)
    • David doesn’t recommend the HCG treatment (07:47)
  • Why David thinks people’s weights are exploding (09:40)
    • Nutrient deficiencies and glyphosate-drenched crops (10:52)
  • The misleading information in the weight loss world (12:10)
    • Malnourishment is what you get when you eat a diet of processed foods (14:35)
    • Counting calories is not going to help (16:18)
    • Weight loss myth: stevia (17:16)
  • The top excuses people use to delay losing weight (18:28)
  • The first practical steps to take to start losing weight (20:40)
    • Drink pure water (20:57)
    • Avoid process foods (22:27)
    • Read and understand nutritional fact labels (22:44)
    • Keep an eye on portion sizes (24:10)
    • Eat slower (24:38)
    • Reduce or eliminate alcoholic beverages (25:05)
  • Declarations vs. affirmations: using “I am” statements (25:35)
  • Which is more difficult: losing the weight or maintaining the weight loss? (26:45)
  • What David Medansky would tell someone who wants to become physically fit and healthy (28:16)
  • David’s view on supplementation (31:08)
  • Control your thoughts or they’ll control you (34:22)
    • Tips to appear like you’re participating (36:25)
  • All the little choices we make and things we do add up over time (37:48)
  • Where to get David Medansky’s books and where to get in touch with him (39:54)


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