How to Get in Movie Star Shape with Tommy Europe!

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Start Your Health and Fitness Journey with Inspiring Advice from Tommy Europe!

Health Goal: Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday


Tommy Europe Notable Quotes

“…there is no time limit to this. There are people in their 60’s and 70’s who start working out and realize how much they love it and they’ve been missing it, but don’t worry about what you’ve missed. There’s nothing you can do about that. What you’re in control of is right here, right now, today.”
Tommy Europe

“Take advantage of today, and on the next day, move a little bit more…be better than you were yesterday. And if you follow that routine and mentality, you will continue to move on and challenge yourself. Things don’t become as daunting and as difficult as you may first perceive them to be.”
Tommy Europe


Episode Summary

Ever wondered what kind of food and what kind of health and fitness regimens actors do to prepare for their roles in movies? Ever wondered how they could seemingly easily slim down or bulk up when they have to film? Ever wondered if you could do the same?

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to celebrity fitness coach, keynote speaker, stunt actor, and published author Tommy Europe, to walk us through what it takes to shape up as an actor. More than that, he’ll be giving some insightful advice for anyone who’s looking to start their health and fitness journey.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Tommy Europe (00:40)
  • Who is Tommy Europe and what does he do? (03:10)
  • Does Tommy Europe stay in shape all year long? (04:44)
  • Tommy Europe’s acting career (05:53)
  • Instilling and distilling the message of health and fitness (07:40)
  • Which is more important, nutrition or exercise? (10:28)
    • Between nutrition and exercise, is one easier than the other? (11:45)
  • Why do people get in their own way of health and fitness? (12:45)
  • Actors getting in shape in a short period of time: is it advisable and can anybody do it? (15:55)
  • Training regimen that an actor might do to prepare for a movie (17:50)
  • Are there exercises that are more effective for fat loss? (19:45)
  • Tommy Europe’s 30-minute workout for Canadian Men’s Health Month (21:26)
  • Exercise is great for mental well-being (22:35)
  • Tommy Europe’s opinion on diets (25:10)
  • The number one obstacle Tommy ran across when he was doing the weight loss TV shows (27:18)
  • Tommy’s advice for people who are just starting or are just about to start on their health journey (30:08)
  • Where to find Tommy Europe and keep up with what he’s doing (33:00)


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