How to Get MD Referrals to Your Health Coaching Practice with Dr. Kim Foster!

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Health Coaches and How to Start Working with Doctors

Positioning Your Health Coaching Business and Gearing Up for Referrals

Dr. Kim Foster Notable Quotes

“All of the chronic health conditions require, first of all, a much more in-depth approach than just a prescription, more of a preventive approach, more of a lifestyle change…and lifestyle change is tough, right? It’s not as easy as writing a prescription and handing that to somebody and sending them out the door.”
Dr. Kim Foster

“There are a lot of physicians who are well aware that we can make a big difference in people’s health if we can help them with things other than prescribing medications. Like we just discussed, most doctors A, don’t necessarily have the tools and the knowledge to help with that and B, definitely don’t have the time to help their patients with that. And that’s exactly where health coaches come in. That solves all problems.”
Dr. Kim Foster

“Doctors need you—they just don’t necessarily know it yet.”
Dr. Kim Foster

Episode Summary

Apart from getting clients through the usual avenues of marketing, one of the things that many health coaches are interested in is being able to work with doctors. And given the current health care system in place where doctors only have a handful of minutes to talk to their patients, health coaches can definitely step in to fill in the gaps.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to physician-turned-health coach-turned business coach Dr. Kim Foster, who has seen the gaps in the current health care system and has decided on addressing them. She shares how we health coaches can position ourselves in front of doctors to open the doors of referrals, as well as what working with medical doctors looks like for health coaches.

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Kim Foster (01:50)
  • Kim Foster, her background, and her interest and passion about the health coaching industry (03:10)
  • What Dr. Kim Foster felt was missing from the current health care system (05:45)
  • Very little courses on nutrition and lifestyle changes (08:22)
  • What Dr. Kim Foster thinks about the concept of health coaches working with doctors (10:27)
  • As a health coach, what does working with a doctor look like? (12:24)
  • Payment arrangements for referrals and employment (13:57)
  • Health coaches don’t have to be an entrepreneur (17:00)
  • Getting health coaches in front of doctors (18:53)
  • The research a health coach could do to find out if a medical practice is a good fit (23:15)
  • A good method to following up on your leads (27:21)
  • A health coach’s Achilles’ heel when they’re just fresh out of certification (30:27)
  • Was Dr. Kim Foster always good at business? (33:33)
  • Kim Foster to all the coaches who are still on the fence (39:04)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Dr. Kim Foster (40:20)


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