The Huge Difference a Sales Process Can Make

Joanna Sapir, Health Coach Academy, podcast


Start the Trust-Building Early, Right From The Discovery Call

Marketing By Itself Doesn’t Turn People Into Paying Customers


Notable Quotes

“Marketing doesn’t get you clients, but what does is a sales process of some sort.”
Joanna Sapir

“People do need to know who you are, and people do need to know what pains and problems you can help them with, and what goals and desires you can help them achieve. People need to know that, but that’s not what turns them into clients. I say that marketing is your visibility, it’s how you attract attention, it’s how you attract leads, but it does not turn them into clients. And I do think it’s a big mistake when people try to sell through their marketing.”
Joanna Sapir

“Even people who have been in business for a long time often operate from this place of wanting to be liked so that people will keep coming back, when that’s not truly serving the client.”
Joanna Sapir


Episode Summary

For many of us health coaching practitioners, the first thing we think about when we want to get more clients is to double down on marketing. And while marketing does help give our businesses the visibility and attention it deserves, it does not necessarily mean the attention will convert people into paying clients.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to business coach Joanna Sapir to shed some light on landing paying clients without having to spend another dime on our marketing. She talks about the importance of setting up a sales process as well as starting the trust building process with our prospective clients right from our first consultation calls.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Joanna Sapir (01:18)
  • Boost Your Business with Omar’s Podcasting Course! (02:21)
  • Joanna Sapir: who she is and what she does (03:06)
  • The success of Joanna’s first business venture (05:03)
  • Marketing as defined by Joanna Sapir (07:08)
    • Marketing does not turn people into paying clients (07:56)
    • A sales process is a series of stepping stones (08:53)
  • Establishing a minimum baseline marketing strategy (09:43)
    • Turning leads into prospects (10:40)
  • Health-related businesses would benefit from direct conversations with prospective clients (12:33)
  • Starting the trust-building process in the free consultation call (14:30)
  • Implementing a red velvet rope policy (16:02)
  • What are health coach practitioners missing in their businesses? (17:08)
    • The freelancer mindset vs the business mindset (17:44)
    • The importance of having a sales process in place (21:15)
  • Making a difference in the business…without more marketing (23:03)
  • The first step Joanna Sapir takes with a client who wants to boost their business (24:09)
    • Joanna Sapir’s secret sauce: the prime and prep sequence (26:01)
  • Where to find and keep up with Joanna Sapir’s work (29:48)
  • In consultations, “winging it” does not work (31:03)


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