How to Get Paying Clients Using Instagram Stories!

Tori Overmyer, Health Coach Academy podcast

Be Yourself and Build Trust on Instagram Stories

Instagram: Get More Clients and Keep Your Existing Following Sticky


Notable Quotes

“We have a lot of options now on Instagram as far as how we’re getting our message out there to people, so it really just depends on which one you like more and which one your audience seems to like more. ”
Tori Overmyer


Episode Summary

Health coaches leverage several platforms to gain new clients, and when it comes to social media, Instagram is one of the more popular ones. Having started out as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has since added new features to make it easier for people to connect with each other.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to business coach Tori Overmyer who specializes in growing organic engagements on Instagram. She’ll talk about how we can leverage one of the features of the app to get more clients and keep the existing ones sticky for a long time: Instagram Stories.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Tori Overmyer (01:38)
  • Tori Overmyer: who she is and what she does (02:46)
  • Why Instagram can be an effective selling platform for health coaches (03:56)
  • A basic overview of Instagram (05:17)
    • Leveraging photo and video sharing on Instagram (07:03)
  • Instagram Stories and utilizing it for sales (08:50)
  • The advantage of the 24-hour limit of Instagram Stories (11:07)
  • Eternalizing an Instagram Story as a Highlight (12:41)
  • Spicing up Instagram Stories (13:55)
  • Using hashtags on Stories? (15:10)
  • Is there a certain age bracket who use Instagram Stories more than others? (16:41)
  • Is it difficult to do Instagram Stories? (19:20)
  • The platforms Tori talks about with her clients (21:04)
  • How Instagram helps grow your email list (22:14)
  • Any changes to Instagram after it was bought by Facebook? (23:26)
  • Posted with automatic schedulers don’t get as much engagement? (24:58)
  • How much and when should we post? (26:07)
  • Where to find Tori Overmyer and keep up with her work (27:55)
  • Tori’s final words for health coaches who want to use Instagram for business (28:54)


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