Can’t Find A Product that You Need? How About Creating One? 

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Where and How to Source High-Quality Ingredients for Your Products

What’s the Best Way to Market Your Products?


Jenn Ditzhazy Notable Quotes

“One recommendation I have for people that sell physical products is to get in front of, like personally meet, customers as soon as possible, so whether that’s doing expos or tradeshows or farmer’s markets or whatever, because that’s really going to show you who your customer is…it’s the fastest way to figure out what resonates with people, why they care about this product.”
Jenn Ditzhazy


Episode Summary

One aspect of keeping an eye on our health is being mindful of what we put in our bodies. And we have to face it: it can get pretty tricky to choose which brands are holding up their end of the deal and deliver products that are clean, safe, and properly list all their ingredients. So, what happens if you can’t find your perfect product?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to CEO and Founder of ThePerfect3, Jennifer Ditzhazy to share her experience conceiving a product, sourcing ingredients and collaborators, and finally marketing a finished product that stands for everything she believes in.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jenn Ditzhazy (01:10)
  • Jenn Ditzhazy, her health story, and her journey creating products (04:08)
    • Discovering collagen (06:01)
  • The thought process behind creating collagen products (07:25)
  • Did Jenn always have an entrepreneurial spirit? (08:57)
  • The first step Jenn took to push forward creating a new product (11:20)
  • The shift in perspective and how it affected Jenn’s personal choices in products (14:50)
  • Sourcing higher quality products and ingredients out of the country (16:48)
  • Jenn Ditzhazy’s first “oh, wow,” moment (18:44)
  • The cost of investing in product creation (21:03)
  • Jenn’s strategy for introducing her collagen products to the masses (23:40)
    • One recommendation if you’re selling a physical product (23:40)
  • What influencer work looked like and how would Jenn approach it now (25:54)
  • Does Jenn plan on expanding her product line? (29:42)
  • Jenn’s advice for health coaches interested in creating their own products (31:12)
  • Where to find Jenn and what she’s doing (32:08)


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