Breaking Down What SEO is and What it Does

Ken Marshall, Health Coach Academy

What Do People Search and How Do They Search Them?

Intuitive Keyword Use and Driving Traffic


Ken Marshall Notable Quotes

“SEO is the practice of updating your website, creating content, making relationships with other websites that link back to yours, which build you credibility, all in an effort to show up higher for their search terms that they type in…it’s the process of having your website show up for [someone’s] searches and satisfying the need of that human being to do business with you and interact with you.”
Ken Marshall

“Just pick a good brand name and stick to it. Just build a brand, people don’t care about names, names go by the wayside as the brand grows in authority.”
Ken Marshall


Episode Summary

As health coaches, one of the ways to get our names and practices out there is by building a website. But that’s not all there is to it—we need people to go to our website, learn more about us, and ultimately choose us to work with them. And the way we can drive more people to our websites is by having good search engine optimization (SEO).

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Chief Growth Officer and Managing Partner of RevenueZen, Ken Marshall. He breaks down what SEO is, what it does, how it can help us and our businesses, and how we can leverage it to get more paying customers through the door.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Ken Marshall (01:18)
  • Ken Marshall, RevenueZen, and SEO (03:16)
  • What is SEO and how does it work? (04:47)
    • Why should we think about SEO? (06:47)
  • How Google and keywords link together to bring your website upfront (07:55)
  • How can a health coach establish themself using SEO? (09:20)
  • How does our website content capture interest? (12:38)
  • Does the funnel affect the SEO? (16:28)
  • Is there a link between the domain name and SEO ratings? (20:03)
  • Where should we put our keywords to boost our SEO ranking? (23:44)
  • How to think about paid ads and should we take advantage of them (28:27)
  • Does social media help boost SEO rankings? (30:53)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Ken Marshall and RevenueZen (32:24)


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