“You can charge extremely high prices for health and weight loss coaching when you talk about it in the fact of how it will change their lives.”
Nagina Abdullah

“[Clients] want is someone to listen to them. They want to make them feel supported and to always be thinking of them. If you are making your client feel heard and supported, that is such a huge value for them.”
Nagina Abdullah

Episode Summary

As health coaches, one thing that a lot of us aspire towards is making our coaching business our full-time jobs. But if you’re doing it on the side, your corporate job pays you well, but you’re really considering making coaching your full-time career, maybe this episode’s guest, Nagina Abdullah, would help you decide what step to take next.

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Nagina Abdullah (01:40)
  • Nagina Abdullah and her journey into health coaching (03:23)
  • The eureka moment of becoming a health coach full time (06:18)
  • Doubts, fears, and concerns about going into coaching (09:54)
  • Dispelling the fear and reluctance to increase coaching prices (11:25)
  • Replicating health coaching success from someone who’s killing it (13:57)
  • How Nagina’s MBA became a steppingstone to her success (15:08)
    • Thinking ahead of what the clients need (16:24)
  • Nagina’s varied sources of income (18:23)
    • Losing weight faster as a community (21:34)
    • Charging premium prices where volume wasn’t much of an issue (23:30)
    • Coaching may be your passion, but can you make the numbers work (25:38)
  • Going about health insurance after being in the corporate world (25:58)
  • Nagina’s team and how she leverages them to grow her business faster (27:40)
  • What Nagina wants to focus on in her business (31:11)
  • Nagina’s advice on how to best get clients: start one way before building out another (32:43)
    • What worked best: email lists, collaborations, and the willingness to put yourself out there (33:34)
  • Going about reaching out for collaborations (36:55)
    • Facebook Ads as one way of getting clients (39:42)
  • Nagina’s parting advice for health coaches who want to make health coaching into their full-time career (42:46)


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