How to Legally Protect Your Health Coaching Biz with Tania Shah

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How Can a Health Coach Protect Their Business? Atty. Tania Shah Shares How!

The Legal Leg Work Doesn’t Have to Be Tedious


Notable Quotes

“Coaches take care of everybody, we need to also take care of our coaches. It’s like the analogy to a relationship. If you give and give and give but you don’t take care of yourself, we can do it, but inevitably, there will be consequences. If you do take care of yourself—your professional integrity, your personal integrity, then you can give yourself to that client relationship, that business relationship very confidently.”
Tania Shah


Episode Summary

If you’re a long-time listener of this podcast, we talk about a lot of things that have to do with starting your own health coaching career—from getting your first few clients to getting more clients to all the different marketing strategies to get your name out there. But one thing we haven’t talked much about is the legal side of running a health coaching business.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to lawyer, law professor, and entrepreneur, Attorney Tania Shah, to walk us through a bit on what it looks like to set up the legalities behind keeping you and your business safe. She also shares a little bit about the company she co-owns, In the Know Legal, which aims to provide legal protection to business owners.


Relevant Links

Tania Shah – LinkedIn

In the Know Legal – Website | Contact | Instagram | Facebook


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Tania Shah (02:22)
  • Tania Shah and In the Know Legal (03:40)
  • A mistake Tania Shah often sees when it comes to starting businesses (05:53)
    • Creating a business that isn’t separate from yourself (06:08)
    • Client services agreement (06:48)
    • The right compensations for your team (07:26)
  • Tania Shah’s recommendation on what entities health coaches should take on (08:05)
    • Corporations vs. LLC (09:14)
  • What about when it comes to consent forms? (10:53)
  • Protecting health coaching content to protect health coaches (13:22)
  • Any legal liabilities when posting on social media? (16:23)
  • Where should we put the disclaimers? (18:28)
    • Yes, you can put the copyright symbol without registering (20:05)
  • The consequences of giving information that backfired (20:42)
  • Specific insurances for health coaches and where to get them (23:22)
  • In the Know Legal: a mission-based company (24:50)
  • What to expect when you’re availing yourself of legal service (27:10)
  • Since coaches take care of everybody, we should take care of our coaches (34:02)
  • Where to find Tania Shah and In the Know Legal (35:13)


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