How to Make Peace with Your Plate!

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Robyn Cruze Shares Her Eating Disorder Recovery Journey 

Get Rid of the Stigma on Eating Disorders and Mental Illness


Robyn Cruze Notable Quotes

“Do not pity me. Yes, I struggled, but I am so strong. I have been in recovery for 18 years, and I am empowered by this process.”
                                                – Robyn Cruze

“Just because I have recovered from an eating disorder doesn’t mean that when everything society is spouting about body and food is not positive, I’m not affected by it. It just means I will not be dictated by it. My food choices and my behavior will not be dictated by it.”
                                                – Robyn Cruze


Episode Summary

            Being at peace with what you eat and how you eat is a big thing that many people struggle with. And it’s something that we need to have more conversations about. Eating disorders plague many people, and unfortunately, not everyone who has it knows they do.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to actress, advocate, and eating-disorder survivor, Robyn Cruze, to talk about the why’s and how’s behind eating disorders along with her own journey to her eating disorder recovery.


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Making Peace with Your Plate: Eating Disorder Recovery by Robyn Cruze & Espra Andrus
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Robyn Cruze (00:40)
  • Robyn Cruze, her story, and her journey (01:50)
  • The myth about eating disorders (05:40)
  • What changing Robyn’s eating disorder looked like (07:50)
  • The fear behind Robyn’s eating disorder (10:25)
  • The percentage of people with eating disorders (12:35)
  • How to know if you have an eating disorder (13:45)
  • Robyn’s start to binge eating (15:32)
  • Robyn’s take on diets for people who have eating disorders (16:52)
    • Create that body conversation (19:52)
    • The three-tier approach to having conversations with your body (21:24)
  • Understanding which foods to avoid (24:20)
  • “Speak out, speak your truth, and speak strong.” – Robyn Cruze (26:00)
  • The first step towards facing your eating disorder (29:03)
  • The stigma behind the mental illness that are eating disorders (32:28)


Resources Mentioned


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