Awareness is the Key First Step

Kelly GIfford, This Podcast Burns Fat, podcast

Taking the Inside-Out Approach to Losing Weight

Creating Internal and External Boundaries for Ourselves


Kelly Gifford Notable Quotes

“I think a lot of people might be in this same position, if they’ve spent a lifetime learning that the only way that they can feel good about themselves and have confidence and to be accepted and to be attractive and to be loved is to look a certain way. And if they have anything within them that’s conflicting with that…then, it’s like, I don’t want to acknowledge that that could be true because I’m so terrified of what’s going to happen if I do start to do the work to heal these things that I see as problematic…There’s all of these fears that come with awareness that we typically pretend that it’s not there.”

Kelly Gifford­

Episode Summary

Because many of us have grown up seeing unrealistic standards of what beautiful or attractive is, it’s no wonder that one of the most common goals of weight loss that many of us have is to change how our bodies look and pull it closer to what we think “attractive” is. This leads to a cascade of other issues like eating disorders, exercise addiction, and other destructive behaviors that get in the way of us becoming truly healthy.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to fitness trainer, nutritionist, and owner of Kelevate Coaching, Kelly Gifford to break down how we can best approach and heal having a poor body image and start cultivating real confidence while also feeling great about ourselves in our own bodies.


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The Kelevate Podcast


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Kelly Gifford (00:33)
  • Kelly Gifford, her work, and how she became an expert in her field (02:25)
  • The first step to reclaiming health is awareness (09:26)
  • How Kelly Gifford addresses the person who has a weight issue (11:22)
    • People who take an outside-in approach (12:44)
    • Taking instead an inside-out approach to losing weight (15:12)
  • Creating a balance between us and the food we eat (16:30)
    • Looking at balance and what it means for different people (17:11)
    • The difference between internal and external boundaries (18:05)
  • Approaching a person’s “need” for a diet plan (20:07)
  • How to go about stopping the inner criticism (24:45)
    • Understanding the inner critic by forming a relationship with the inner critic (26:01)
  • Is there anything good about diet culture? (30:03)
  • Where to find Kelly Gifford and keep up with her work (33:46)


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