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Break Through the Hesitation of Selling a High-Ticket Item

Leverage Your & Your Clients’ Success Stories


Brian Gryn Notable Quotes

“I think that’s a really important step to a business, is first start building these stories around your business, and I think it will attract a lot of people.”
Brian Gryn

Episode Summary

People are drawn to stories—and many marketers would agree that stories are what oftentimes drive sales. As health coaches, we have our own stories, along with our many clients’ stories that we can share with the world and help us drive that sale.

In this episode of Health Coach Acdemy, we invited coach, podcast host, and author Brian Gryn to talk about how he used his personal exploration of his own health, used it to help others who struggled with the same things he did, and built it into a thriving business.


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Eat Clean, Get Clean Podcast by Brian Gryn


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Brian Gryn (00:55)
  • Brian Gryn, his health journey, and how he discovered intermittent fasting (02:10)
  • The decision to build a business and develop the target market (03:37)
  • Stories do sell—accumulate those stories! (06:58)
  • What Brian Gryn would have done differently as a first step (07:44)
  • The initial hesitation around creating a high-ticket item (09:15)
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs (10:55)
  • Filtering through outreach calls (12:17)
  • Categorizing Brian Gryn’s business model (14:16)
  • The multitude of entry points into getting health coaching (15:33)
  • Brian Gryn’s 21-day fasting challenge (18:28)
  • Delegating tasks within the business (20:06)
    • Platforms to help health coaches with creative tasks (21:04)
  • Brian Gryn’s advice for new health coaches (24:50)
  • The longest that Brian Gryn has ever fasted (26:33)
  • Where to find Brian Gryn and keep up with his work (28:46)


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