Becoming the Transitional Character & Breaking Generational Curses

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The First Step is to Envision the Person We Want to Become

Answering the Yes-No Question That Drives Intention


Dave Whitley Notable Quotes

“Rather than sit around and complain about the bad stuff, let’s get to work becoming better men and better fathers so that our kids have the heroes that they need, and they can go out and be someone else’s hero.”

                                                – Dave Whitley

 “We all have the same essential inherent potential to be able to do or create or be anything…the question really is, are we going to open up and let it do its thing. And if we don’t open up and let it do its thing, we don’t ever accomplish the big thing.”
Dave Whitley

“Once I reached adulthood…I started realizing, okay, trading time for money is the absolute worst way to build wealth, and it’s a much more effective way to do that is to provide value for people that isn’t necessarily dependent on my time being invested in at that particular moment.”
Dave Whitley

“I’m driven by the idea that if enough of us, as fathers, start to show up for our kids in a way that is truly heroic for them, and we start to live our lives as the men we want our children to become, that when our children look back, and say, ‘that’s my daddy. I learned this for him, and I’m so proud of him, I’m proud of the fact that he’s my dad,’ that’s a gratifying thing for me, as a father, to be in that position.
Dave Whitley


Episode Summary

Turning our passion into something profitable, as nice as it sounds, is a lot easier said than don…especially since a lot goes into turning anything into a business—the marketing, the branding, and establishing a solid customer base, to say the least. As for us health coaches, we’ve found our passion. All that’s left is to turn in a profit from it.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to motivational speaker Dave Whitley to share how entrepreneurial fathers can break through generational curses and become the transitional character that brings our children and our families closer to an ideal future where everyone thrives.


Relevant Links

            Dave Whitley  – Website | Facebook | Instagram

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dave Whitley (00:53)
  • Omar’s Podcasting Course is Out—And it’s 20% Off This Week! Use Discount Code President this President’s Week (01:38)
  • Dave Whitley, his health story, and his journey (02:51)
    • Identifying strongly with The Hulk (03:50)
    • Looking for a hero (06:13)
    • What Dave Whitley really wants to go with his business (09:30)
    • What Dave Whitley does now (10:05)
  • The entrepreneurial spirit and breaking the generational curse (10:56)
    • What Dave realized as he grew older (13:20)
  • The cliché between simple and easy (16:01)
    • We can time travel any time we want to (16:49)
  • Dave’s tips to envision the kind of person we want to become (18:20)
    • The real danger is not thinking big enough (19:33)
    • Thinking small is the biggest obstacle in our paths (21:26)
  • Identifying what your passion is and letting it dictate your path (22:34)
    • Handling and overcoming apprehension (30:28)
  • Working harder doesn’t always necessarily work (34:43)
    • The yes-no question that drives Dave’s intention (39:05)
  • Dave Whitley and his course on re-writing your internal code (42:25)
  • To become the kind of person our children are proud of (47:00)
    • The transitional character that makes the big difference (47:48)
  • Where to find Dave Whitley and keep up with his work (48:50)


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