How to Use Mushrooms for Weight Loss with Jeff Chilton!

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Mushrooms! Lose Weight and Boost Your Immune System!

Mushroom Man Jeff Chilton Shares How to Choose the Right Mushroooms


Jeff Chilton Notable Quotes

“Look at mushrooms as preventive medicine.”
Jeff Chilton


Episode Summary

             Today, nearly a year into the Covid pandemic, we’re going to need all the nutrients we can get our hands on to boost our immune systems. One such nutrient called beta-glucan is one thing we can take to really strengthen our immune systems. And guess where we can get the beta-glucan from? Mushrooms. That’s right, mushrooms are an excellent source of immune-boosting beta-glucan (among other amazing health benefits!)

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to mushroom man Jeff Chilton to talk a little bit about mushrooms, their health benefits, and how we can leverage the nutrient-dense fungi to lose weight!


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori Shemek’s TV guest appearance on ReverseD (00:30)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, mushroom man Jeff Chilton (02:18)
  • Jeff Chilton and mushrooms (05:18)
    • Have you been to a mushroom farm before? (06:40)
  • Mushrooms are not vegetables! (Nor are they animals.) (08:02)
  • Ergothioneine and recent research (13:55)
  • Ergosterol is similar to cholesterol (15:00)
  • Vitamin D2 can be received by the body well (16:55)
  • The importance of eating mushrooms: the forgotten food, the missing dietary link (18:08)
    • Mannitol and trehalose in mushrooms (20:08)
  • Mushrooms as prebiotic fiber and specific gut receptors to beta-glucan (22:04)
  • How we can get mushrooms into our diet (24:50)
    • Reishi mushroom (25:55)
    • Maitake mushroom (25:15)
    • Highly recommended shiitake mushrooms (26:30)
    • The standard mushroom (28:15)
  • The best way to eat mushrooms (30:15)
  • Getting the right mushrooms—the real ones (32:10)
    • Tempeh, how it’s made (35:15)
    • Mushrooms are 90% water (38:00)
    • Only one mushroom is grown in compost (40:00)
  • The difference between buying organic mushrooms and growing your own (41:20)
  • You can’t grow mushrooms economically in the US for supplement use (44:15)
  • Eating mushrooms and supplementation (46:55)
    • Supplementing with reishi mushroom (47:10)
    • Supplementing with cordyceps (48:10)
    • Lion’s mane (48:38)
  • Mushrooms boost your immune system (50:58)
    • Turkey tail and reishi for cancer (51:52)
  • Look at mushrooms as preventive medicine (53:53)
  • It’s not just one thing (54:28)
  • The keyword to look for on the packets (59:28)
  • Where to get in touch with Jeff Chilton (01:00:20)


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