The Impact of Cultural Beliefs on Our Money Mindset

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The Money Coaching Core and Healing Our Money Issues

Break Through Money Blocks


Brittany Tam Notable Quotes

“All of our cultural stuff comes from a specific time and a specific place, and all of our cultural stuff got passed down because it worked and it helped us survive, if not thrive. But the world changes. So what might have worked way back when doesn’t necessarily work now, and what might have kept us safe back when doesn’t necessarily work now.”
Brittany Tam

“We talk about all these beautiful things that we do have that still work, and what happens if we release those old stories, how much room does it give us to celebrate all of the things that do work?”
Brittany Tam


Episode Summary

Each and every one of us has our own unique money story, and our money stories are comprised of many stories we’ve amassed in our lifetime including the early memories we have of our parents’ relationship with money, the cultural beliefs we grew up with, and the multitude of experiences we live. The thing is, how we view our own money stories can be what dictates the success of our own health coaching businesses.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to certified money coach and educator Brittany Tam to take a closer look at our relationship with money, break down why many of us have limiting beliefs about money, and what first steps we can take to try and improve our money mindset.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Brittany Tam (01:40)
  • Brittany Tam, her origin story, and money mindset (03:43)
    • The big conversations that light up Brittany Tam (08:10)
  • Discovering that there was more behind the accounting (08:54)
    • The openness to discuss the money mindset (10:15)
  • When Brittany recognized the beginning of her money story (11:15)
    • The core of many people’s money stories (12:40)
    • The weight of cultural beliefs and how they affect our money stories (14:18)
    • Celebrate the things that work for us (16:10)
  • Stuck in the money mindset we had as children (16:30)
    • Reassuring our old selves (19:48)
  • One way Omar overcame his money block (21:06)
  • Confirmation bias and contradictory evidence (21:58)
  • How Brittany helps people overcome limiting beliefs about money (24:15)
    • The Money Coaching Core Process (24:44)
  • The process of healing our own money issues (27:24)
  • Correcting the resistance of receiving (29:44)
    • Digging into our own personal histories (32:27)
  • The belief that high rates come in tandem with overdelivering (34:22)
  • Detaching ourselves from our clients’ outcomes (35:18)
    • What we can do that’s within our control (36:30)
  • The first steps a person should take to fix their relationship with money (37:39)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Brittany Tam (40:35)


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