Sales is Asking Permission to Help

Health Coach Academy, Nicole Cramer

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Around Sales and Money

Navigating Conversations on Price, Value, and Promise


Nicole Cramer Notable Quotes

“If you’re not asking, you’re not getting. That’s what sales is. It’s asking to help someone.”
Nicole Cramer

“That, to me, is my definition of sales, it’s about building relationships with people and helping them solve their problems. And if they have a problem they haven’t been able to solve by themselves, who better to help them than me?
                                                – Nicole Cramer

“Sometimes it helps just to be in conversations with others and get feedback and find out what your clients like about you, why they were drawn to you.”
Nicole Cramer

“Value is different to everybody. And so we can’t judge our services and what we do based on somebody’s lack of interest in it. The value isn’t there for them, and that’s okay. They’re not your ideal client.”
Nicole Cramer


Episode Summary

Let’s face it: one of the biggest challenges us health coaches face in our business—especially for those of us just starting out—is the sales part. Many of us feel icky about asking for money in exchange for our invaluable services, which shouldn’t be the case.

Lucky for us, health and sales coach Nicole Cramer walks us through how doing sales could be a fun experience. She breaks down concepts of value, price, and promises, while also sharing some practical tips on how to overcome our limiting beliefs around asking for a sale as well as how to navigate conversations about money.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Nicole Cramer (01:38)
  • Nicole Cramer, her story, and how she got into sales coaching (03:07)
    • Sales is asking to help someone (08:15)
    • What do you do different? (09:23)
    • When sales started to change (12:49)
  • The knowledge and skills to become good at sales (16:58)
  • Helping health coaches find their own secret sauce (20:33)
  • Common limiting beliefs that hold people back from selling (23:20)
    • Waiting for everything to be perfect (24:36)
    • Wanting to help everybody (25:36)
    • The fear of sales and the money conversation (28:33)
    • Being tied to results and feeling more responsible than you should (28:58)
  • Navigating through the money conversation (34:29)
    • A lesson on value, price, and promise (41:05)
  • Nicole Cramer achieving her goals (43:40)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Nicole Cramer (47:50)


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