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Racheal Cook, Health Coach Academy, podcast

Balancing Priorities and Productivity 

What is Entrepreneurial Poverty and How Do We Avoid it?


Racheal Cook Notable Quotes

“If you don’t take the action, then you don’t get the results.”
Racheal Cook

“The things that are easiest to you are actually your unfair advantage. Those are the things you should go monetize because if it comes easily to you and you don’t even think about it [and] it’s just natural, chances are, it does not come easy to other people and they will pay for you to come in and provide that solution.”
                                                            – Racheal Cook

“You don’t need to be the expert in every single area, but you do need to know who to go to. So, one of the things I think about, especially when you’re just getting started is to make sure you align yourself with a mentor who is several steps ahead of you.”
                                                            – Racheal Cook


Episode Summary

It’s often said that what we are naturally good at should be what we monetize. And when we are naturally good at it, we already have 90% of what we need in order to get started and it’s just a matter of implementation. Sometimes, however, it isn’t something that we can easily see in ourselves. It often seems that we need to ask others what they see our strengths as since it sometimes is difficult to see the forest from the trees.

To put this into focus, we invited Racheal Cook to the show.  Racheal is a business strategist and founder of The CEO Collective.  She supports health coaches avoid entrepreneurial poverty by providing sound implementation strategies to get their businesses off the ground.


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            Racheal Cook –   Instagram | LinkedIn

            The CEO CollectiveWebsite| Podcast


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Racheal Cook (01:18)
  • Omar talks about his podcast course and what it’s about (02:18)
  • Racheal and her business, podcast, and books (05:26)
  • Starting a business and its challenges (06:30)
    • Racheal’s “unfair” advantage (08:00)
    • Accidentally starting a couple of businesses (08:40)
    • Being a natural problem solver (10:31)
  • The marketing side of starting a business (11:47)
    • Referral and word of mouth (13:57)
  • How to take advantage of what you can provide (15:02)
    • Find a good mentor who is a few steps ahead of you (15:44)
    • Look for people who are aligned with what matters to you (17:09)
  • Why implementation is everything (19:57)
    • Analysis paralysis (21:26)
    • The 90-day CEO operating system (22:05)
  • The misconception about balance (24:58)
    • Deciding what matters the most (28:02)
  • Productivity and the things entrepreneurs let go of first when stressed or overwhelmed (30:31)
  • What is entrepreneurial poverty? (32:43)
  • How can people join Racheal’s program? (37:42)
  • Where can people keep in touch with Racheal (38:54)


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