Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Clients?

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How Can Health Coaches Leverage the Value of Photos?

Celebrity Photographer Michael Grecco Gives Insight!


Michael Grecco Notable Quotes

“Part of being in business is wondering if you’re speaking the truth as you know it and also meeting your clients’ needs. And as a photographer, and that transcends into being a health coach, speaking with truth means holding to your vision, meeting your clients’ needs means you’re going to deliver what they need. But a lot of photographers second guess themselves and think, ‘Oh. Will they like this?’”
Michael Grecco


Episode Summary

In this day and age, people are more inclined to pay attention when there are visuals—especially photos. As health coaches, taking professional photos probably isn’t on top of our list when we think about building out our brand.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to celebrity photographer Michael Grecco to walk us through a little bit behind why and how we can leverage photos to attract more business.


Relevant Links

Michael Grecco – Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michael Grecco (00:50)
  • Michael Grecco, photography, and becoming a celebrity photographer (04:20)
  • Michael Grecco’s breakthrough moment (06:52)
  • The empowerment from letting go of fear and getting your message across (08:40)
  • Why pictures are important for marketing (12:40)
    • Work with a designer (13:30)
    • Individual portrait suggestion for websites (14:25)
  • Curated Instagram accounts (17:26)
  • The overall brand communicates what you want to communicate (18:05)
  • Do not dismiss the ordinary selfie (21:48)
  • The camera shy and not missing out on the value of photos (24:18)
  • Professional services: you get what you pay for (26:22)
  • Leveling up from round one to round two (28:14)
  • Photo trends that health coaches can jump on (29:12)
  • Michael Grecco: the best celebrities to work with (33:06)
  • A professional photographer is also a people person (35:35)
  • How much research goes into pre-shoot sessions (36:08)
  • Where to find Michael Grecco and keep up with what he’s doing (38:22)


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