Is Cleansing the Key to Weight Loss?

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Cleanse with a Good Detox and Jump Start Your Weight Loss Journey!

The 21-Day Detox in a Box by Nykki Hardin


Nykki Hardin Notable Quotes

“The smartest, wisest thing that any of us can do is consistently detox our body systematically with high-quality products so we can be proactive and preventative and live more in the space of optimization, rather than what most people do: wait for a crisis and repair.”
Nykki Hardin

“I not only believe, but I know, because I see it in myself over and over, that you can train your taste buds to crave anything. And you get to choose what you train your taste buds to crave.”
Nykki Hardin


Episode Summary

When we start our journey to losing weight, sometimes we get to a plateau—and even when we think we’ve tried everything, nothing really helps break out of it. Well, maybe what we need at such a point is a nice, refreshing detox cleanse to get that boost that we need!

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat! we’re talking to detox expert and founder and creator of the 21-day detox in a box, Nykki Hardin to walk us through all the benefits of detox cleanses and why we should be cleansing regularly as long as we’re alive.


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Nykki Hardin – Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube

Nykki’s Free Detox Master Class


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Nykki Hardin (01:06)
  • Nykki Hardin, her story, and detoxing (03:08)
    • The one-way ticket to India and the start to detox (07:11)
    • Managing a detox testing lab and learning the baseline of metabolism (11:00)
  • How do you know you need to detox in the first place? (13:56)
  • The body is equipped to remove toxins from itself (15:16)
  • Using a detox to help find the right diet (16:50)
  • The release and redistribution of toxins as we burn fat (20:04)
  • It’s not just one thing: it’s many things working synergistically (22:04)
  • What herbs Nykki incorporates into her detox programs (22:53)
    • It’s not just what you’re taking but the form you’re taking it (24:50)
  • Nykki Hardin’s thoughts on n-acetylcysteine (27:51)
  • Symptoms that tell you that you need a detox (29:15)
  • How long does a proper detox last? (30:53)
    • The body can go into a healing crisis (33:48)
  • The spiritual side to detoxing (34:32)
  • The experience of having your innate intelligence activated (36:48)
  • The first couple of steps people could take to detox (37:33)
  • Detox, wine, and caffeine (40:18)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Nykki Hardin is doing (45:24)


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