I’ve always struggled with the concept of metabolism. So, one person can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound, but another can look at a Snickers bar and gain five pounds? How is that possible? The common answer has always traced back to a person’s metabolism. So what can we do to make our metabolism start humming and be like the person who can eat freely?

Perhaps, we should focus on unclogging our liver!

Come to find out, our liver is the key to weight loss. Honestly, we haven’t been too kind to our livers lately.  Between diets high in sugar, alcohol intake, and toxins, our livers are working overtime and can be the main reason we struggle with weight by ultimately slowing down our metabolism.

Dr. Alan Christianson, author of The Metabolism Reset Diet, joins the show to share his step-by-step guide through a 4-week supportive liver detox program that will free trapped fat, boost your metabolism & lose inches from your waist.

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