Talking Intuitive Eating and Body Image with Stephanie Dodier

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It’s All Mental: Body Image Issues and How It Keeps Us from Happiness

Eating from a Place of Curiosity and Not Judgment


Stephanie Dodier Notable Quotes

“For chronic dieters, the reason why they go to food to control food is to lose weight because they don’t like their body. So the tail end of intuitive eating is healing our relationship with our body.”
Stephanie Dodier

“One study that was recently released in 2013 published in the Journal of Obesity stated that there was no link between the actual body weight and the way we feel about ourselves…yes they found a link between how we feel about ourselves and the healthy activities we engage in. So the more we take care of ourselves independent of the weight on the scales, the better we feel about our body image.”
Stephanie Dodier

“Instead of chasing weight loss, how about if we chase health?”
Stephanie Dodier


Episode Summary

Stepping away from weight loss in this episode, we’re taking a look at how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, which ties into body image and how we look at ourselves inside our bodies.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to Intuitive Eating Expert Stephanie Dodier to talk about how for many people, losing weight isn’t for health—it’s for something else. Stephanie gives us a new, fresh perspective on body image and how we actually feel about ourselves in our own bodies and how we think or feel the way we do.


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Going Beyond the Food Podcast


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Stephanie Dodier (01:30)
  • Stephanie Dodier and why she does what she does (03:55)
    • Body image and weight watcher at the age of 12 (04:04)
  • Intuitive eating and coming back to the natural way of eating (07:40)
  • Dissatisfaction with body image can lead to weight gain (10:08)
    • The link between how we feel about ourselves and what we do (10:50)
    • Discouraged from engaging in healthy activities (12:04)
  • The effect of the scale number on a person’s psyche (12:25)
  • Diet culture and how it came to be (13:45)
    • The Rubenesque period (14:52)
  • Why body issues affect women more (15:08)
  • Looking at weight not just health purposes (17:24)
  • Weight stigma and where it is pervasive (20:50)
  • How to change the way we look at food (22:05)
    • Going from weight loss activities to health-promoting activities (23:33)
  • Foods that throw intuitive eating cues out the window (26:00)
    • Lori’s 3-bite rule (28:24)
  • Willpower is a limited resource (29:30)
  • Success in everything except our body (30:40)
  • How to stop obsessing over body image (32:42)
  • Body image is 100% mental (34:12)
  • How to help someone who is afraid of gaining weight (35:25)
  • Is there an eating plan? (36:48)
  • Where to find and keep update with Stephanie and what she does (39:44)


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