Sleep, Stress, and Weight Loss

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In Moderation: Caffeine and Alcohol on Sleep

Tips of Stopping Stress in Its Tracks


Notable Quotes

“We just can’t pour from an empty cup continually. We’ve got to recharge our batteries. We got to do things that inspire us and fill our cup and bring us joy, and often, that requires unplugging, too, setting healthy boundaries around devices and the news and social media, those are really crucial.”
                                                – April Likins


Episode Summary

In the journey toward weight loss, the two main things to focus on a diet and exercise. And while that’s true, that isn’t exactly the whole picture. What many people tend to overlook is how big a role stress and sleep play in not just weight loss but also overall health.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to stress health coach April Likins to talk about how stress and lack of sleep affect the quality of our lives, as well as some tips to mitigate stress and get better sleep.


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April Likins Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | LinkedIn

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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, April Likins (00:33)
  • April Likins, her story, and helping people de-stress (02:06)
  • How chronic stress affects our bodies in the long-term (10:36)
  • Why does stress matter? (13:23)
  • What should we look out for when it comes to stress and mitigating its effects (14:25)
  • Conscious stress versus subconscious stress (15:43)
  • Telltale signs that we’re experiencing negative or too much stress (16:45)
    • Can someone be under chronic stress and not realize it? (18:44)
  • The connection between stress and sleep (19:13)
  • What if we have a hard time falling asleep? (22:07)
  • Caffeine, alcohol, sleep, and stress (23:52)
  • Adapting to stress in times of Covid (26:42)
  • Blowing off sleep with caffeine (29:09)
  • An ideal day that helps lessens stress (31:58)
  • Tips on getting better sleep (38:10)
  • How to find and keep in touch with April Likins (46:35)


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