Is Sugar a Drug?

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Michael Collins Shares Why Sugar is Bad for Us and Why We Should Eliminate Sugar from Our Lives

Getting Over Sugar Addiction? Michael Collins Can Help!


Michael Collins Notable Quotes

“How you would know you’re an addict is when you think you have a problem with sugar, you probably do.”
Michael Collins

“The reason people can’t quit has nothing to with the weight gain. They all come for the weight issue, but they stay for the release from the brain fog, the possibility that they might not get Alzheimer’s.”
Michael Collins

“You’ve got to think for yourself a little bit. You can’t go with the herd on this one. Because diagnostically, we’re not going to have the answer probably in a lifetime. We’re not going to have a definitive diagnostic answer in the next ten or fifteen years.”
Michael Collins


Episode Summary

For long-time listeners of the show, it’s not a secret what my and Lori’s stand on sugar is—it’s bad for you, and it causes a lot of health issues. Getting off sugar can be difficult (I would know!), but the first step towards getting off sugar is acknowledging that you may be addicted to sugar in the first place.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author and founder of, Michael Collins to share some insights about sugar: why it’s harmful and why you should start getting off it if you want to start optimizing your health and lose weight.


Relevant Links

Michael Collins – Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

The Last Resort Sugar Detox Guide by Michael Collins


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Michael Collins (01:40)
  • Michael Collins, his sugar story, and his journey to health (03:30)
  • How great the body feels after eliminating sugar in the diet (08:58)
  • You don’t have to suffer as you get older, you can start feeling great when you cut out the sugar (10:10)
  • How to know if someone has a sugar addiction (11:10)
  • Is sugar an actual drug? (13:07)
  • Sugar in moderation? It’s still a no. (15:13)
  • Do carbohydrates fall under the sugar category? (18:47)
  • How does sugar cause weight gain? (20:53)
  • What’s the approach to getting off sugar? (24:18)
  • Feeding all the bad gut bacteria when you eat sugars (27:16)
  • The benefits of getting over the addiction and quitting sugar (27:48)
    • Clearing out the brain fog (29:10)
    • The guinea pig years (30:55)
  • The offending molecule is fructose (32:31)
  • Keeping the children off the sugar (35:33)
    • Research says children aged 0-4 years old should not have sugar (36:32)
  • Supplements to beat the sugar cravings (39:30)
  • No pushback from Omar and Lori (43:48)
  • Where to find Michael Collins (47:15)


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