Your Services are a Must-Have, Not a Nice-to-Have

Health Coach Academy, Racheal Cook

People Will Spend No Matter the Economy

Grow the Business by Replicating What You Do


Racheal Cook Notable Quotes

“I think for small business owners, it is a lot easier to grow a small business when the economy is booming, and people are freely spending money. But when people start cutting back on things, you just have to know your client well enough to understand, is what your service provides considered a nice to have or a must-have? Is it a vitamin or a pain killer?”
Racheal Cook

“There does come a point where your calendar’s booked, you’ve already hit the top end of your rates, and you got to start thinking about other things you could potentially do that would allow you to continue to grow your business without you having to work more. I think the secret here is coming up with your own processes and your own intellectual property, your own way of doing the thing that you do that can be replicated.”
Racheal Cook

“If you have a signature process, if you can take somebody from start to end and solve a very specific problem, that can be duplicated. And if it can be duplicated, it can be duplicated in multiple different ways. It could be duplicated not just one-to-one, but it could be duplicated in small groups, it could be duplicated in an online course. It could be duplicated in a book, in a weekend.”
                                                – Racheal Cook


Episode Summary

In times when the economy is shaky at best, many entrepreneurs expect the business to take a hit because “people will stop spending.” These entrepreneurs tend to start getting conservative when it comes to their finances and cut back on expenses. But that doesn’t have to be the case—people will spend no matter what, and it’s your job to posture you and your health coaching services as a must-have pain killer as opposed to a nice-to-have vitamin.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to returning guest Rachel Cook, Founder and CEO of The CEO Collective, to shed some light on how we as health coaches can improve—and grow—our businesses by doubling down on the people we serve while developing an abundance mindset.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Racheal Cook (01:30)
  • Who is Racheal Cook and what does she do? (03:28)
  • Half of the total number of small business owners only make 4% of small business revenue (05:16)
  • The danger of the employee mindset: no leverage, no scale (07:47)
  • Before approaching scaling up the business (09:09)
  • Developing and implementing a more sustainable business model (10:32)
  • Growing the business without you working more (12:04)
  • You have to be crystal clear about who you’re serving (14:09)
    • Dee and Boss Body Revolution (15:00)
    • Post-partum women with diastasis recti (17:15)
    • Dale, specifically serves bodybuilders (18:30)
  • Why do women suffer economically more than men? (21:21)
  • Navigating the vitamin versus pain killer issue (24:25)
  • How to crisis-proof the business (27:42)
    • Get a handle on your money (28:13)
    • Look at your prices (29:30)
  • Will you lose customers if you increase your prices? (30:38)
  • Developing a mindset of abundance (33:53)
  • Where to find and keep up with Racheal Cook (39:00)


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