Is Your Health Coaching Practice Poorly Branded?

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Ian Peterman of Peterman Design Firm on the Importance of Branding

Once You Get Branding Down, Everything Else Comes Easier


Ian Peterman Notable Quotes

“Wrong branding is really only in the lens of your actual customer. So, for one person, it could be terribly branded, and for the next person, it could be the best. Are you branding it to the people you really want to work with or want to sell to?”
Ian Peterman

“The brand is really a communication device between you and your customers. You’ve got to think about what is your niche, who are you going after, who do you want to serve? You’ve also got to know who you are.”
                                                – Ian Peterman

“Changing direction isn’t quitting. That’s surviving and evolving and growing.”
                                                – Ian Peterman


Episode Summary

When we’re talking about businesses and establishing our presence and making ourselves known, we often hear about branding—how it builds trust, how it strengthens your business, and how it cements you, your practice, and your identity.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Founder and CEO of Peterman Design Firm, Ian Peterman, to give us some insight about branding as a concept, what poorly branded anything looks like, and how we can create a good brand for ourselves and our health coaching practices.


Relevant Links

Ian Peterman –  LinkedIn | Twitter

Peterman Firm – Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Ian Peterman (00:58)
  • Ian Peterman, his story, and branding (03:07)
  • What does a poorly branded product look like? (04:40)
  • The steps to discover your branding (06:10)
  • The copy-cat syndrome and clients not knowing themselves (08:29)
  • No viable markets for your dream niche? (11:43)
  • Why Ian Peterman thinks people are hesitant to rebrand (14:20)
  • Reinventing and changing direction is not quitting (15:15)
  • Things become easier when you have a brand (17:28)
  • Size doesn’t matter when it comes to branding (19:14)
  • Hiring freelancers and firms (22:18)
  • Design management and the iron triangle of speed, price, and quality (25:58)
  • Separating health coaches from the rest of the industry (27:02)
  • How and where to get in touch with Ian Peterman (29:25)


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