Bring Value While Pursuing Professional Development

Hope Pedraza, Health Coach Academy, podcast

No One Size Fits All: Finding Your Own Path to Success

Helping People by Being One Step Ahead


Hope Pedraza Notable Quotes

“As long as you’re just a couple of steps ahead of the people you’re serving, you don’t have to know it all, you don’t have to have all the certifications and letters and all that.”
Hope Pedraza

“What works for one person doesn’t necessarily works for everybody. I think everybody has to find their own path and their own way of doing things that feels right for them, that feels in alignment for them.
                                                – Hope Pedraza


Episode Summary

Many health coaches—most especially those starting out—sometimes feel some resistance about reaching out to people to offer our services. Why is that? Many times, it’s because we feel like we’re not bringing a lot of value to them because we assume that they already know what we’re going to tell them. But the thing is, not a lot of people know what we know, and we are, in fact, bringing them a ton of value.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, holistic nutritionist Hope Pedraza joins us to talk about a variety of topics from how much value we health coaches bring, to overcoming limiting beliefs, to strategies to grow the business.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Hope Pedraza (01:53)
  • Hope Pedraza: who she is and what she does (02:45)
  • Balancing professional development and practice (04:47)
  • Limiting beliefs Hope Pedraza had to overcome (07:30)
  • Hope’s biggest obstacle to getting started (10:38)
    • Starting out the business (12:32)
  • Finding your own path to success (13:52)
  • The distinctions between Hope’s brick-and-mortar and online businesses (15:20)
  • Marketing strategies that worked for Hope and her business (17:30)
  • How podcasting has been for Hope so far (21:04)
    • The benefits of guesting on podcasts (22:26)
  • Where to find and keep up with Hope Pedraza (23:53)


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