Keep it Simple! Dr. Yam’s Strategies to Your Dream Practice!

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Keep It Simple Coach Yamilette Williams Shares Some Practical Tips to Kick Our Businesses Off the Ground!

What Important Things Should We Think About As Entrepreneurs?


Yamilette Dr. Yam Williams Notable Quotes

“Because of the work that we’re in as coaches, we, in and of itself, are a support mechanism for others. But we, as a coach, need to have a platform like this where you have a place you can go to, a person or people that you can lean on to keep you abreast of what you’re doing as for goals as well be a sounding board.”
Yamilette Williams

“What I do find is that sometimes, when we go into business for ourselves—and this is kind of one of my whole signature lines—just because you’re in a business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to do this by yourself.”
Yamilette Williams


Episode Summary

For a health coach just starting out, setting up the business can get overwhelming with the sheer number of things that need to be laid out and done before getting to the actual coaching. The analysis paralysis can get really serious and leave us at a loss. But one way to get started without the overwhelm is to keep it simple!

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Keep It Simple Coach, Dr. Yam to share some practical business strategies and also walk us through how to keep our processes simple so we can get our businesses off the ground without the overwhelm!


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Yamilette Williams (01:08)
  • Two spots for coaching opened up! (02:30)
  • Yamilette Williams, her journey, and her brand (03:31)
    • Going through the five stages of anger (04:42)
    • Utilizing the networks Dr. Yam built to start consulting (05:48)
    • The Keep It Simple Coach space (07:38)
  • Transitioning from a regular job into entrepreneurship (09:14)
    • The importance of creating a mission statement (10:28)
  • Building blocks of entrepreneurship (11:02)
    • Identify your target client (11:12)
    • Be that unique solution (11:59)
    • Craft your brand (12:45)
    • Registration and go through the legal channels (13:11)
  • The first thing any entrepreneur should focus on once they decide they want to be an entrepreneur (14:35)
    • Fear is the number one thing stopping people from pursuing that coaching business (16:35)
    • Get over the fear and procrastination (17:15)
  • What made Dr. Yam decide she wanted to be an entrepreneur (18:10)
  • Give yourself permission to get angry…but make sure you have a foundation of support (20:03)
  • A business you do for yourself doesn’t have to be done by yourself (22:24)
  • Chasing after certification after certification before going on to actually coach (24:06)
    • Don’t look for perfection, look for progress (26:03)
  • The capital you need to start a business…is zero (27:21)
  • The types of goals we should be focusing on when starting a business (29:50)
  • Yam’s first step to revenue generation (33:44)
    • Build trust and credibility (34:56)
    • Realistic expectations of a slow and steady growth (37:20)
  • The biggest obstacle Dr. Yam had to overcome (38:44)
    • Breaking through the limiting belief of money blocks (42:28)
  • Persuasive personalities and behavioral selling for business owners (43:30)
  • Marketing: the biggest area that new business owners struggle with (45:53)
    • Take advantage of your website for marketing (46:35)
  • Yam’s tips to drive traffic to your website (47:50)
    • Using sales funnels (48:48)
  • Where to find Dr. Yam and get in touch with her (49:42)


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