Keto Diet Basics with Tasteaholics Founder Rami Abrams!

Dive in to the keto diet in this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

Rami Abrams: Notable Quotes

“In my perspective, it’s better to do keto than not keto, and it’s better to do dirty keto than not keto at all. If you can upgrade it to a complete, keto diet, then that’s even better.”
Rami Abrams

Episode Summary

             There are tons of diets out there, and it’s understandable to get confused and find them daunting. In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the founder of the popular Tasteaholics website, Rami Abrams, to shed some light about one of these diets: the ketogenic diet.

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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Rami Abrams (00:52)
  • How Rami stumbles into the Keto lifestyle (01:55)
  • How crucial it is to look at and pay attention to nutrition labels (04:33)
  • What the ketogenic diet is, according to Rami Abrams (06:06)
  • Tips on how to increase fat content in the diet (08:42)
    • Throw in some avocado (09:42)
  • A preferred protein source to go along with the snacks (10:58)
  • Whole foods keto and processed keto (12:18)
  • The success behind Tasteaholics: strong content and excellent recipes (14:12)
    • Starting So Nourished (15:52)
  • What exactly is net carb and how does it work? (16:45)
  • Allulose and what Rami thinks about it (19:30)
  • Cheat days under the keto diet and what those cheat days look like (22:38)
  • What “dirty keto” is and what Rami thinks about it (24:38)
  • Keeping an eye on alkalinity on the keto diet (26:56)
  • Are there people who don’t thrive on the ketogenic diet? (29:52)
  • Alcohol intake under the ketogenic diet (31:40)
  • Is keto diet okay for Type II Diabetes patients? (34:44)
  • The use of exogenous ketones (36:16)
  • Where to find Rami and keep up with what he’s doing (37:34)

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