Boosting Your Business with Reframing How We Look at Money and Value

Rose Radford, Health Coach Academy, podcast

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs around Money 

Business Tricks to Make Scaling Easier


Rose Radford Notable Quotes

“…my mission and my business became all about closing that income gap and helping more female entrepreneurs thrive, which has slatted me then to become a business strategist and coach female entrepreneurs online.”
Rose Radford

“Everybody defines value differently, which is why this whole idea of pricing is so problematic, because how do we define value in the first place? That can be challenging.”
Rose Radford

“You have to be courageous to be an entrepreneur. It’s a kind of wild ride, at the end of the day.”
                                                – Rose Radford


Episode Summary

As health coaches and entrepreneurs, we all want our businesses to thrive without compromising our quality of life, and that means overcoming many challenges to grow and scale the business and designing it in a way that makes providing our services easier for us and our clients.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to business strategist and coach Rose Radford to talk about a lot of things—from the income disparity between men and women, to overcoming limiting beliefs about money, to doable, scalable business tips and tricks that’ll help boost our practices.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Rose Radford (01:28)
  • Rose Radford and her business mentoring story (04:12)
    • The income gap between men and women (05:55)
  • The potential reasons behind income gaps between online entrepreneurs (07:09)
  • Limiting beliefs around money and how they came to be (08:21)
    • Getting around the limiting belief around money (11:31)
  • Viewing pricing, money, and providing value (13:22)
  • Where certain coaches are best situated (16:20)
  • Losing touch with your initial messaging (18:21)
  • Does the adventure-loving part of Rose translate into her business? (19:41)
  • Challenges Rose had to overcome to grow her business (21:06)
  • Rose Radford’s business model and main revenue drivers (26:54)
    • Rose Radford’s involvement in her evergreen programs (29:31)
  • Marketing tip: having one good funnel (30:35)
  • Where to find Rose Radford and keep up with what she’s doing (33:25)


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