Keys to Successful Course Creation with Nathalie Botros!

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Things You Should Know Before You Create a Course

Nathalie Botros Shares How She Created and Marketed Her Course



Nathalie Botros Notable Quotes

“Do not make your course for a very broad audience. Choose a specific audience. Because in a broad audience, it can be lost…Be specific. Use the course for your ideal client.”
Nathalie Botros

Episode Summary

            Creating courses is one of the things we as health coaches can do to add to our income streams. But how much work does it actually take to create a course? Do we need to purchase tools and software for it? And is making courses for everyone?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Bon-Vivant girl, Nathalie Botros, to talk about the nitty gritty of creating a course: what you need, how long it takes, and if creating courses is for you.


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Nathalie Botros’ Hungry for Happy Course

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Nathalie Botros (00:55)
  • Nathalie Botros, who she is, and how she got into the health and wellness space (03:18)
  • Nathalie’s thought process on creating a course (06:11)
  • The steps Nathalie took to get the course off the ground (08:16)
    • Kajabi: hosting your courses (14:13)
  • Coming up with price points for the course (16:15)
  • The time, effort, and money that come with creating the course (18:18)
  • Hosting options for future courses (20:18)
  • Things Nathalie wishes she knew before she started creating the course (22:57)
  • How Nathalie Botros marketed her course (24:44)
  • Potential additional sales in addition to the course (26:20)
    • Target a specific audience with your course (28:15)
  • What you can expect from Nathalie’s upcoming course (29:35)
  • Is course creation for everybody? (32:18)
  • Where to purchase Nathalie Botros’ course (36:15)


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