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Streamline with Business with Kajabi

Not Just Courses and Platforms–Kajabi Hosts (Nearly) Everything!

Elizabeth Averyanova Notable Quotes

“Kajabi is a tool, but it’s all about creating a client experience that really involves making a memorable, delightful experience that wows your clients so you can continue to grow your business and take care of your clients.”
Elizabeth Averyanova


Episode Summary

As health coaches and entrepreneurs, we utilize a lot of tools to streamline our business and make running it easier: from our website, to our marketing platforms, to our social media platforms, to our billing platforms. But what if there was one tool to rule them all—or in this case, to integrate them all?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to web and brand designer Elizabeth Averyanova to walk us through a platform that does nearly everything: Kajabi. She explains what it does and how it can be a big asset to our business.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Elizabeth Averyanova (00:58)
  • Elizabeth Averyanova and Kajabi (02:52)
  • Kajabi and the value it brings (04:03)
  • Health coaches and getting started with Kajabi (06:16)
  • Building websites on Kajabi (09:41)
  • What if you’re already using a tool that you already like? (10:40)
  • A new Kajabi feature: podcast hosting (12:33)
  • A new coaching feature (13:56)
  • Kajabi’s claim to fame: course and subscription hosting (15:13)
    • Integrating the Kajabi course into your website (17:40)
  • Kajabi’s pricing model and calculating costs (19:11)
  • Kartra and Kajabi (23:06)
  • The marketing capabilities of Kajabi (25:05)
  • When’s the right time to get into Kajabi? (26:53)
  • Breaking up with Kajabi (28:44)
  • Keeping your website off Kajabi (30:58)
  • Elizabeth’s insights on Kajabi (31:45)
  • Keeping up with Elizabeth Averyanova (33:03)


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