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What Legal Foundations Should We Build Our Business On?

Contracts for Clients, for Partners, for Team Members


Sarah Waldbuesser Notable Quotes

“The number one thing that you need to protect your health coaching business with is a contract.”
Sarah Waldbuesser

“The use of contracts isn’t [required], but they’re always a good idea, especially in a partnership because partnerships start out so friendly and on the same page and so excited, but they can go south really fast…some of the biggest issues I see are when partnerships haven’t agreed to what each person is doing, and one partner resents the other because they’re not doing enough.
                                                – Sarah Waldbuesser


Episode Summary

While the legal aspect of our businesses isn’t necessarily our favorite thing to talk about as health coaches, it is not, by any means, any less essential. In fact, this aspect of our business is something we should deal with sooner rather than later, especially since contracts not only outline the services we provide and how we’re compensated, but contracts are also crucial to protecting us, our business, and our interests.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to lawyer, health coach, and founder of Destination Legal, Atty. Sarah Waldbuesser to shed some light—and hopefully dispel misunderstandings—on how we can better legally protect ourselves, our services, and our business.


Relevant Links

            Destination Legal – Website

Destination Legal’s Coaches’ Legal Checklist


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Sarah Waldbuesser (01:23)
  • How to Create a Business-Boosting Podcast For Health Coaches by Omar Cumberbatch (01:44)
  • Sarah Waldbuesser and her story: who she is and what she does (03:06)
  • Solid foundations that health coaches should be setting up (05:44)
  • How soon should we register our business? (08:12)
  • Can we be sued for not getting someone results? (09:09)
  • What different products and services will need legally (10:25)
  • Contracts for podcasts, podcast guests, and podcast episodes (13:48)
  • Contracts for collaborations and joint ventures with other creators (16:31)
  • Contracts for team members in the business (18:06)
  • The legal aspect of a business is something to continuously build as the business grows (20:30)
  • Advice on mitigating the trepidation of presenting contracts to clients (21:08)
  • Common reasons for legal action (23:23)
  • Trademarks and how relevant they are to the health coaching industry (25:45)
    • Purchasing assets and trademarks (27:52)
  • Sara Waldbuesser and her company, Destination Legal (28:58)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Sara Waldbuesser (31:22)


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