The Legalities of a Health Coaching Business But Make it Fun!

Cory Sterling, Health Coach Academy, podcast

The Importance of Legal Protection Right from the Get-Go

The Biggest Legal Mistakes a Health Coach Can Make & How to Prevent Them


Notable Quotes

“When you’re participating in commerce, it is an industry, and I think that there’s a perennial underdevelopment of professionalism in the industry.”
Cory Sterling

“Permissible activities are decided by exclusion…inherently, it’s a gray and ambiguous area of law. So the problem is, people don’t really want to put their program out there, build what they want to do because they’re not sure that they can do it properly, and that always subconsciously holds them back.”
Cory Sterling


Episode Summary

A health coach becomes a health coach because of their desire to help people, which means that handling the business aspect of their practice may or may not be their most favorite thing to do…doubly so if it means having to deal with the legal aspect of the business, which many of us are a little wary to even think about. Lucky for us, there’s one lawyer who’s making it his mission to make the legalities of a health coaching business—dare we say it—fun!

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Cory Sterling, a lawyer and the Founder of Conscious Counsel, a law firm that provides legal advice to creative, ambitious and heart-leading health coaching business owners in a fun way that makes their clients stoked to work with them and the legal aspects of their business!


Relevant Links

            Conscious Counsel – Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Cory Sterling (01:28)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Boosting Podcast Course! (03:22)
  • Cory Sterling’s origin story: who he is and what he does (04:41)
  • Why should health coaches want to work with lawyers? (07:30)
    • Why Cory Sterling serves a specific niche (09:24)
  • The biggest mistake that health coaches are making as business owners (09:50)
    • A perennial underdevelopment of professionalism (10:36)
    • Coaches don’t have the confidence to put themselves out there (12:23)
    • Health coaches don’t use customized documentation specific to their business (13:44)
  • Cory Sterling and serving the different needs of different health coaches (15:48)
  • The kind of protection a health coach absolutely needs right from the get-go (18:04)
    • Waiver of Liability (18:12)
    • Representations, Warranties, and Scope of Practice (19:29)
  • Other legal protection that health coaches may need (22:14)
    • Duty of Care (25:38)
  • Categorizing where online communities like Facebook groups belong (26:42)
  • The distinction between Copyright and Trademark (30:20)
    • When the Trademark comes up (33:40)
  • Connecting the “fun” aspect to the legal aspect (35:30)
  • Where to find and keep up with Cory Sterling’s work (38:55)


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