Learning the Many Roles the Liver Plays

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Weight Gain is the Inflammation of the Liver and Fat Cells

Love the Liver: How to Support the Liver Daily


Notable Quotes

“Most often, we’re taught, ‘calories in, calories out,’ and then at the same time, 2,000 calories a day, we only eat three square meals a day, etc. I don’t find that to be true anymore.”
Jonathan Mendoza

“We do better in a fasted state when we don’t eat. The human body is designed to do better when we’re not eating, and when we eat, I think we slow the body down.”
Jonathan Mendoza

“When we started giving people NAC and glutathione and nutrients, they started getting better with whatever issue they were dealing with, and I mean you can name it. I don’t want to go through diagnoses because that’s where you start labeling people, right? And after a while, you quickly realize, woah, everyone’s liver is the same, everyone’s heart is the same, everyone’s brain is the same because everyone’s sleep deprived, malnourished, they’re inside all day, they’re around a bunch of things that don’t support them, and they never put themselves first.”
Jonathan Mendoza


Episode Summary

When we talk about optimizing health, the usual main focus would be on two things: diet and exercise. The thing about focusing on just these two things is that we fail to acknowledge the liver and its hefty role in regulating nearly everything that goes on in our bodies, which includes hormone regulation, metabolism, and detoxification, among other things.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to speaker, educator, and functional medicine advocate Dr. Johnathan “Nurse Doza” Mendoza to shed light on everything our livers do for us to hopefully instill in us a deeper appreciation of its role in maintaining our overall health. Nurse Doza also shares some helpful tips on what we can do to keep our livers healthy and what steps we can take if we want to start making our livers a little healthier.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Jonathan “Nurse Doza” Mendoza (01:32)
  • Jonathan “Nurse Doza” Mendoza: who he is and what he does (02:58)
    • Our lifestyles are a product of our environment (08:00)
  • What “supporting our livers daily” looks like (09:06)
  • When the occasional treats become chronic treats (11:19)
  • Insulin, blood sugar, and the liver (12:11)
    • Thinking of insulin as the Uber driver (13:40)
  • Weight gain is inflammation of the liver and the fat cells in the body (16:58)
  • The case of the Ironman contestant with a blood sugar reading of 160 (17:17)
  • What is non-alcoholic fatty liver dysfunction and what are the risk factors for it? (20:27)
    • Which is better for the liver: raw food or cooked food? (24:41)
  • How to manage alcoholic fatty liver (28:21)
    • Getting patients to love their livers (31:26)
  • How to know if we have a healthy liver (35:26)
    • Bile, gall bladder health, and liver health (37:16)
  • Weight gain comes from sleep deprivation (40:07)
  • Recommendations for a good amount of sleep (43:15)
  • Where to find and keep up with Jonathan “Nurse Doza” Mendoza’s work (44:37)


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