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A Diagnosis is Not Your Destiny


Dr. Robert Zembroski Notable Quotes

“In my experience, clinically, until people hit those points or have those pains, then it’s difficult for them to change…Anything about body fat composition changes, weight loss, improving your body if there’s a chronic illness, you have to set the stage in your mind.”
Dr. Robert Zembroski

“If you look at any of the popular diets, what’s the common theme? Don’t eat crap, don’t get rid of carbs, don’t eat white, refined sugars, don’t eat processed food. Really, if you boil it down, you’re just getting rid of gluten, dairy, white sugars, processed food. I guess we can put a label on it, but I don’t want to put a labels and identities on people and their food styles or what they eat because then it creates an identity for them. I just tell people, like I said in my book, be a varietarian. Eat a whole variety of foods, don’t eat the foods that cause health issues.”
Dr. Robert Zembroski

“Eat when the sun is out, not when the moon is out.”
Dr. Robert Zembroski


Episode Summary

Let’s face it, most people don’t particularly put their health on the forefront of their minds and only start paying attention when they receive diagnoses of chronic diseases or even cancers. When that happens, some people despair. But they don’t have to. A diagnosis isn’t a life sentence, it’s a chance to start the process of rebuilding health.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author, speaker, chiropractic practitioner, and cancer victor, Dr. Robert Zembroski, to walk us through his inspiring journey and how he took the reins of his health and began rebuilding his body back into health.


Relevant Links

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Rebuild: Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before by Robert Zembroski


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Robert Zembroski (03:03)
  • Robert Zembroski and his personal journey (02:58)
    • Realizing that the disease is self-inflicted (07:33)
    • A diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and what Dr. Z did about it (08:33)
  • Changing the mindset is the key to health (and weight loss!) (11:56)
  • Motivation and consistent follow throughs (13:42)
  • Why is it hard to be in a more preventative mindset? (14:55)
    • It’s about perspective (16:20)
  • If it’s not in your face, you don’t think about it (18:10)
  • A diagnosis is not your destiny (19:58)
    • Altering genetic expressions with altering the mindset (21:18)
  • What Dr. Robert Zembroski found out about weight loss (23:33)
    • Eat when the sun is out, not when the moon is out (25:11)
  • Changing the way you eat at night (28:10)
  • Weight loss, hormonal control, and sleep (30:40)
  • Supplements Dr. Z recommends to take for losing weight and optimizing health (33:52)
  • Boosting mitochondrial health for weight loss (36:02)
  • The role of magnesium in fat loss (38:41)
    • How to get the magnesium that you need? Magnesium glycinate (40:35)
  • Creating a customized plan (42:46)
  • What Dr. Z thinks of intermittent fasting and the keto diet (45:05)
  • Optimizing your health by prevention and rebuilding your body (48:06)
  • Some tips on body composition and weight loss (50:08)
  • Glyphosates mess up the gut microflora (51:50)
  • How to keep up with Dr. Robert Zembroski (53:37)


Resources Mentioned

The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church
Get it on Barnes and Noble | Bookshop.org | Amazon


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The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living by Omar Cumberbatch

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