Some of the greatest stories start when our hero has reached their lowest moments. This is when the hero comes to a realization and sets forth on a journey to dig out of the depths of their darkness and prevail!

Dr. Robert Zembroski was in such a place.  Dr. Z’s own diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma led to several courses of toxic chemotherapy, as well as surgery, to remove a five-inch tumor from his chest. He joins the show to discuss how his approach not only enabled him to beat cancer, but got him in the best shape of his life!

That experience inspired him to create the Cancer Victor® lifestyle to inspire, motivate and teach people how to prevent cancer or its return, as well as all chronic diseases. To further that goal, he has written his first book REBUILD, a simple to read research-based guide that allows the reader to create a personalized plan to rebuild from disease or other chronic health issues, rebuild to prevent disease, lose toxic fat and get lean.

Dr. Z is a physician, specialist in functional medicine, board-certified chiropractic neurologist, and clinical nutritionist with 26 years of experience in rebuilding people from chronic health issues and disease back to excellent health.

He is currently working with Emmy Award-winning Dolger Films on a documentary about the physical and emotional anguish patients go through in their quest to recover from and rebuild from chronic and life-threatening diseases. The film will feature new research, as well as the lifestyle changes that prevent and reverse serious illness and other chronic health issues.

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