Mastering Money Through the Law of Attraction
with Antonio T. Smith, Jr.!

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Learning the Law of Attraction from Millionaire Antonio T. Smith, Jr.

The One Way to Be Satisfied on the Planet


Antonio T. Smith, Jr.’s Notable Quotes

“You can’t tell the stove, ‘Get me heat,’ and don’t put wood. And that’s how money works. You can’t say, ‘Give me money,’ and don’t put servitude first.”
Antonio T. Smith, Jr.

“There’s only one way to have satisfaction on planet earth, just one way and one way only. It is for [you] to do what [you] want, never to do what people want for [you] to do. And that’s the truth.”
                                                – Antonio T. Smith, Jr.

“Don’t decrease your price, increase your value.
                                                – Antonio T. Smith, Jr.


Episode Summary

If someone ever told you that you can become a millionaire just by a mindset, would you believe it? It may be a fantastical, far-fetched idea, but you’d be surprised by the results a certain way of thinking can get you.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy Podcast, we’re talking to multi-millionaire and US tech company CEO Antonio T. Smith, Jr. to share a little bit about how he went from homeless to part of the world’s 1% and how the law of attraction played a part in that.


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Antonio’s 6-Figure Gift


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Antonio Smith, Jr. (01:42)
  • Antonio Smith, Jr., money, and his journey (04:12)
  • How Antonio Smith, Jr. found out about the Law of Attraction (06:55)
    • Omar’s introduction on the Law of Attraction (09:22)
  • How the subconscious mind is relevant to our success (10:20)
    • Your subconscious doesn’t tell you to do anything (11:45)
    • Retraining your subconscious (12:30)
  • How to go about retraining your subconscious (14:50)
    • Cognitive dissonance (16:05)
    • The one way to find satisfaction on earth (17:25)
  • Filtering through the noise to find out what you truly want (18:40)
    • The Law of Allowing (19:18)
  • Breaking down the Law of Money (21:22)
  • Is investing in ourselves part of the Law of Money? (24:15)
  • How can a health coach change their view of receiving money differently? (25:48)
  • A marketing tip from Antonio Smith, Jr. (30:55)
  • Where to find Antonio Smith, Jr. and keep up with what he’s doing (33:03)
  • How long does it take to make a hundred thousand millionaires? (34:46)
  • Will the health coaching space have a place in that hundred thousand? (36:13)


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