The First Step to Helping A Client

Health Coach Academy, Isaac Ho,

Understanding that Different Needs Require Different Skills

Leveraging Bloodwork to Speed Up the Healing Process


Notable Quotes

“And so, client success is really based on, I think, understanding where people are at in their health journey and what tools they need that are the appropriate tools.”
Isaac Ho


Episode Summary

Health coaches can have many different approaches to helping and serving clients, with some approaches being better than others depending on the client’s needs. The constantly changing landscape of health that offers multitudes of perspectives doesn’t help with simplifying things, either.

In this episode of the Health Coach Academy, we welcome a show regular who consistently delivers top-notch insights on both business and health coaching fronts, Isaac Ho. Isaac shares some tips and strategies he uses to help his clients reach their goals.


Relevant Links

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            How to Create a Business-Boosting Podcast For Health Coaches by Omar Cumberbatch


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Isaac Ho (00:48)
  • Omar Cumberbatch & Rahsaan Robinson’s THRIVE Weight Loss Program (01:43)
  • What does “helping clients” look like and how do health coaches help clients? (03:30)
    • The moment Isaac Ho realized there was something wrong with his body (04:03)
    • Understanding how to achieve success with clients (10:19)
  • Understanding the different skillsets for different needs (13:11)
  • Reminding health coaches of their capabilities and limitations (16:48)
    • Addressing the mental component of problems (17:35)
  • Figuring out and mapping out timeframes for clients and results (19:43)
    • It starts with taking stock of the assets (20:22)
  • Leveraging laboratory testing with health coaching (23:49)
    • De-mystifying bloodwork (26:46)
    • Solving mystery pains with bloodwork (29:56)
  • Exposed to the same bacteria and the same toxins (31:03)
  • Isaac Ho’s vision of the ultimate client success (32:39)


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