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Mind + Heart = Why

Create a Vision of Vitality and Work Towards It


Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer Notable Quotes


“I see health as an opportunity to support people and bring in their gift fully to the world.”
                                                – Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer

“I really believe that we don’t buy what we do, we buy why we do it. In other words, the what of actions that are required to excel in any area are, at least sometimes, and perhaps often, not compelling. If you think what it took to get a degree, is it super compelling to stay up late and stare at a book and be sleep-deprived? No, it’s not. But what becomes available out of it—that’s really compelling. That’s exciting.”
                                                – Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer


Episode Summary

When dealing with health issues, the best way to go about it is to investigate the root cause of the issue rather than treating the symptoms we can see and hoping for the best. Lucky for us, functional medicine does take a closer look at how our bodies work to figure out where there might be imbalances causing those issues.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to functional medicine physician and the founder of Well Empowered, Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer to walk us through the functional medicine approach to holistic health and weight loss.


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Well Empowered – Website | Instagram


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer (00:56)
  • Jessica Hehmeyer and how she went into functional medicine (03:05)
    • What is functional medicine? (03:24)
    • Health as an opportunity (05:51)
  • Ditching the all-or-nothing approach and mastering the middle ground (06:23)
    • Mastering the middle ground with knowledge and awareness (08:42)
  • The first step to unlearning the all-or-nothing approach (10:13)
    • The exercise of creating your vision of vitality (10:43)
    • Do a bit of time travelling to the five-year future (12:04)
    • Tell the story (12:44)
  • The one question that will transform what is possible (14:40)
  • Some aspects that greatly impact weight loss (15:50)
    • Inflammation (16:26)
    • Inflammatory markers to take note of (17:58)
  • Marrying the heart and the mind to tap into your “Why” (18:39)
  • What foods should we mindful of eating? (21:17)
  • The power of choice: letting go of “I should” and stepping into “I choose” (26:04)
    • Finding better ways to self-soothe (27:13)
  • The forcefield of weight loss (30:05)
  • Reconnecting to your “Why” (32:58)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer is doing (33:27)


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