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Talk to People to Get Your Clients

Don’t Help Everyone: Know the People You Want to Help


Notable Quotes

“To get clients, you need to talk to people. It’s impossible to get clients if you don’t talk to people.”
Kenneth Tinglum

How we feel is not necessarily indicative of our bodies having all the nutrients it needs.
Kenneth Tinglum

An ‘everybody’ is the enemy of getting customers. The moment you tell someone that you can work with anybody that has a health issue, you’ve lost them.”
Kenneth Tinglum


Episode Summary

Previously on the show, we’ve talked about various ways of getting clients—twenty different types of marketing strategies and even going into paid ads. This time, we’re going back to a bit of a simpler way of landing clients: tapping into your existing network.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Kenneth Tinglum, nutrition expert and a National Trainer at BNI to paint us a picture of what it’s like to have 90% of your business built on referrals from your existing network. He also shares some solid tips on how we can land our first few clients from people we already know.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kenneth Tinglum (01:38)
  • Kenneth Tinglum’s story: who he is and what he does (04:20)
  • The difference between food in America and food elsewhere (06:08)
  • Client acquisition: getting the first 10 clients (09:54)
    • To get clients, you need to talk to people (10:35)
    • Asking clients if what they’re doing is working (12:02)
  • The evolution of Kenneth Tinglum’s approach (14:04)
  • “Everybody” is the enemy of getting customers (16:41)
    • Kenneth’s three clients (18:14)
  • How Kenneth landed on his three target clients (19:26)
  • Operating from a network versus an online search (21:34)
    • Online searches have one major challenge (22:15)
  • Establishing your business without establishing an online presence (23:54)
  • Kenneth Tinglum’s upcoming book (25:33)
  • Where to find Kenneth TInglum and keep up with his work (31:00)


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