No Sugar, No Grains, No Weight Gain with Vinnie Tortorich!

No Sugar No Grains No Misinformation


Vinnie Tortorich Notable Quotes

“I’m a sugarholic, too. I love sugar. I’m still addicted to it, that’s why I stay away from it…I won’t take that one bite because it’s easier to stay away from that one bite than to have it and then you start going, ‘okay, I think I saw some bacon chocolate in the fridge.’”
Vinnie Tortorich

“Your good intentions have been stolen. I’m just going to try to help you get them back.”
Vinnie Tortorich


Episode Summary

Many people want to start living a healthier life—be it by exercise, choosing what they eat, or by doing a complete overhaul of their current lifestyle. While some people are a hundred percent onboard with hiring a health coach, others might go for the DIY route and do the research themselves. And while that’s good, there’s still the danger of falling for misinformation that may actually do more harm than good.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!, we have celebrity fitness trainer, speaker, podcaster, author, and filmmaker, Vinnie Tortorich on the show to talk about how to use our good intentions to fuel our search for the right information that would actually help us on our health and weight loss journeys.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Intermittent Fasting with Fastic (00:00)
  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Vinnie Tortorich (02:05)
  • Vinne Tortorich, the health space, and his podcast, Fitness Confidential (04:00)
  • Vinnie Tortorich’s story and what he has overcome (08:58)
  • How Vinnie healed his body after cancer by making the right choices (12:14)
    • Asking what the hematologist thinks (14:00)
  • Nobody is talking about the importance of nutrition in these Covid times (15:35)
  • Vinnie’s opinion on dairy and dairy products (16:50)
  • Trademarking No Sugar No Grains (18:15)
  • No Sugar No Grains: the principles behind it (20:50)
    • Vinnie: NO to fat-shaming (21:18)
    • Grains are more insidious (22:30)
  • The addictive component of sugar and how to get a handle on it (25:00)
  • What Vinnie thinks about veganism (29:23)
    • The two sides to veganism (30:26)
    • Who thought up veganism (33:20)
  • Living healthily on a vegetarian diet and how veganism is practically an eating disorder (35:50)
  • Vinnie’s thoughts on a strict carnivore diet (37:05)
  • Fat and how people are misguided about how they use it (38:50)
    • FAT: A Documentary and how we ended up where we are now (45:05)
  • Eat the right fat, stay away from sugars and grains (46:45)
  • Italy’s pasta consumption and lack of people who are overweight (48:25)
  • NSNG Food Line (50:25)
  • Where to get in touch with Vinnie and keep up with what he’s up to (53:04)


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