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Ben Azadi Shares the Mindset to Go with the Change

Figuring Out Your Why Makes the How Easier


Ben Azadi Notable Quotes

“For the first time in my life, [the authors] helped me take ownership and responsibility, and I said those words, ‘I am responsible.’ And I finally became the victor of my future, no longer the victim of my past.”
Ben Azadi

“As long as the ‘why’ is strong to why are we embarking on that goal, then the how will become much easier.”
Ben Azadi

“I really believe that we can never fail in life unless we quit. And as long as we learn the experience, learn from the setback, the setback isn’t important. What’s important is the get back. What can you do to learn from that experience?”
Ben Azadi

“As long as we remove interference, the body will heal.”
Ben Azadi


Episode Summary

Getting healthy isn’t just about keeping an eye on your weight, or your body fat composition, or watching what you eat, but they do come into play. Getting healthy also includes understanding what it means and what it takes to get healthy and building a strong mindset to go with it.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to podcast host, three-time best selling author, and founder of Keto Kamp, Ben Azadi to share us his journey from obesity to becoming fit, happy, and healthy.


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Ben Azadi – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Keto Kamp Podcast with Ben Azadi


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori and Omar introduce the episode’s guest, Ben Azadi (00:36)
  • Ben Azadi, his health journey, and Keto Kamp (03:08)
    • Taking responsibility of his own life and choices (06:40)
  • What Ben did to lose all his weight quickly (08:15)
  • The setbacks Ben Azadi faced as he was losing weight (10:25)
    • Setting up a strong ‘why’ (11:28)
  • Ben Azadi’s ‘why’ when he started his health journey (13:21)
  • Avoiding and undoing Type II Diabetes (17:35)
  • Ben Azadi and promoting flexibility with food (19:35)
  • The benefits of ketosis (23:08)
  • The “right way” to go into ketosis (26:47)
  • Trackers to keep an eye on your health and weight (31:50)
    • Starting keto: focus on monitoring your total carbohydrates (34:18)
  • The supplements we should stop taking immediately (35:25)
    • Fish oil (35:40)
    • Vitamin D (38:55)
    • Probiotics (39:55)
    • Multivitamins (40:35)
    • What about magnesium stearate? (41:12)
  • Ben Azadi’s tips for success (41:40)
  • Where to find Ben Azadi and keep up with what he does (44:28)


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